A Collection…

Path of Search………..

Life is an empty bowl, with a hollow soul,

Heart is a shallow well, with no emotions to dwell,

Eyes shedding every last of tear, remembering the loved and dear,

Long way to go alone, on a path The Divine has shown,

Passing the darkest of lanes, covered with pebbles of pain,

Neither there are foes nor any friends,

On the road of search, starts my journey to seek the end.

No more I feel……

I am crying but where are the tears,

I am dying but where are the fears,

I am flying but where are my wings,

I am trying but where are the hopes,

I am tying but where are the bonds,

I am lying but where is the sleep,

I do not feel any more,

Because Life is so soar and the pain is so deep.

You are mine….

Go to the mountains but remember the plain,

Where I will be waiting with a heart full of pain.

Go to the deepest oceans but remember the land,

Where I will be curving your name on the sand.

Go to the limits of the sky, but remember the ground,

Where I will be waiting to hear your sound.

Go for the twinkling stars and sun that shines,

But always remember, remember you are mine.

Friends are like…..

Friends are like pearls; you have to find them hard,

And friendship is the wing; let them fly like a bird.

Friends are like gems; you can lose them fast,

But if you keep them safe, they will forever last.

Friends are like seasons; they don’t stay long,

But when they are there, nothing can go wrong.

So keep your friends close to your heart, and never let them go

They will never let you down, anytime or so.

All I Wanna…..

I wanna see every sunshine with you,

Bathing in the rays together,

I wanna feel every drop of rain with you,

Drenching in your arms,

I wanna walk through the green meadows,

Under the shadow of your soul.

And when the night unveils itself,

I wanna swim in the shimmering moonlight with you,

Under the canopy of the twinkling stars.

And when I lean on your shoulder

And when a drop of tear drools down,

I wanna feel your tender touch.

I wanna sleep close to your heart,

Hearing every heart beat,

And when I see the road ahead,

And all those faces against us,

I wanna run back to you, hiding my face in your chest,

I know you will hold me forever,

I wanna love you till eternity,

I wanna be there forever and leave you never.

Tomorrow that will never come…………

Tomorrow might never dawn on us,

Tomorrow might never come,

Let’s live every moment tonight,

Together, let’s make every darkness bright.

Let’s pour the wine of Love and sink in the sea of emotions,

‘Cause, tomorrow we might never see and together we might never be.


Make a wish and it will come true

Even if there is no shooting star,

Smile a bit and it will spread joy

Among all loved ones, near or far,

Clap your hands and magic will sparkle

Touching everyone with love and care,

Wink your eyes and they will glitter

With dreams of a thousand prayer,

Ask your heart and it will tell you

Life is still waiting for you with the happiness of your share.

True Love

True love knows no bound

In the darkest of lanes, it might be found

Your heart will drive you there

Your eyes will show you the way.

Never give up on the man you love,

Never give up on how you feel,

Together you will pass the journey of life

Together you will help each other heal.

Cycle of Time

Paddling on the cycle of time in the twisting lanes of life,

Scorching red heat and chilling blue wind cutting like a knife,

Guarded my journey towards the sunshine of hope

Facing the challenges to find the strength

Breaking the rules to see the road ahead

Making the choices to follow the dreams

And raising the voices to speak the truth

For every step you take, my friend,

Every breath takes you to closer to the end.

It is you…

It is you who have clouded my mind,

It is you who have made me blind,

It is you who have shattered my faith

And made me believe in nothing fair.

It is you who makes me weak.

It is you who make everything bleak,

It is you who will lead me to the end,

It is you, O Destiny, it is you my friend.



Anger makes you scream, anger makes you mad,

Anger makes you hate, and definitely makes you sad.

It’s your Birthday…

Older by a year, younger by the next,

Remembering the past and celebrating the best,

One look back to the moment of the past,

One short spell in the canvas of the present,

And, one step ahead to the magic of the future

Time will fly away and so will memories,

But, friends like you, will forever last.

Blow the candles and make a wish,

Close your eyes and pray to God,

For it’s your special happy birthday,

So all happiness are on their way.


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