Skin Deep (Curry Bashing’ the Cash Cows)

Away from its connotation in the Indian cuisine, the word ‘curry’ has found a new etymological significance in the news headlines off late. Though used in a different rather shameful context, it bears the linking thread to the Indian origin. The facilitators have changed to The Invincibles. They seems to have found a new field ‘to beat it out’ other than the usual cricket ground.


I hope the readers must have been able to apprehend the topic, which has taken the National and International scenario by rave. The ramifications of the issue at large will have a wide spread impact on various fronts. The fate of Indian students in foreign land has definitely brought about an upsurge of fear, anger and individual security. The horrific pictures of victims flashing on the television sets and their livid revelation of incidents have acted as a catalyst to the growing rage of Indians all across the world both on National and International soil. It has put a question mark on the future of these youths and many more like them, who are yet to cross the educational boundary and enter the world of Corporatism.


Indian society impregnated by the age-old belief of ‘studying abroad’, have nurtured and molded our sons and daughters to seek higher education in foreign land. Year after year, hard-earned money of parents has gone behind educating their children to acquire a foreign degree. Probably, lack of proper educational facilities and opportunities have strengthened this notion.  And, Australia has been an ideal choice owing to its vibrant democracy, high educational standards and perceived low crime rate.  But over the past few weeks, the Mecca of Indian students has turned out to be a grieving hell.


It has been like a chain reaction, where incidents trigger a protest, which in turn triggered fresh incidents. One of the most surprising observations has been the role of law enforcers of the country. How many more attacks will require them to convince the brutality and reality of the issue? Their laid back attitude has somewhat agitated the Indian nationals there, who, in my opinion, are more scared than enraged. Reports suggest that Indians are the onslaught of attacks because they are ‘easy targets’. Does that imply that it is just the beginning of the so-called racist war by the anti-social locals? Are the other Nationals in the Land of Oz safe enough?


It is question to be answered in due course of time. Unless the authority take proper preventive measure, the spark of racism ca spread like a wide fire among other communities.


Let me take you back to some other references in chronological order on the origin of racism- an epidemic of modern times. The earliest occurrence of racism is dated back in 1500 B.C in the Indian community. Later it has scrolled down to the Egyptian and Roman dynasties. One of the most recent references can be posed that of the Big Brother controversy where the world saw the impact of racist behavioral allegations against late Jade Goody towards our very own winning diva, Shilpa Shetty. I came across a blog, which tags Indians as more racist than Aussies. Surprised, but there lies a naked truth. We had conflated castes and races to segment our society long back. We have differentiated and nicknamed races from different part of our nation. And today when our brothers meet a similar fate outside, we are furious- burning effigies on streets and demonstrating protests. But what really angered our conscience- the brutality inflicted on Indians in a foreign land or the self-image surfacing the mirror in the International context.


Opinions differ wide in this perspective, but that does not stop us from raising an alarm against such deliberate and repeated acts of horror and stand by our brothers, who thought seas apart bond with us culturally, socially and above all, emotionally. I doubt what these attackers want whatsoever or their very motive behind these acts of utter horror has anything to do with academics or excellence. But they have struck at the very roots of the educational underpinning. In the academic parlance, it will surely have far reaching effects. The Indian students aspiring for foreign degree shell out huge amounts of money, which is one of the sources of liquid cask for these, Universities and Institutes.  But with these so-called terror attacks of a unique kind, the inflow of students will definitely stagger down bringing down the ‘cash cow’ profits. The ignorance or incapability of the law and enforcement authority to curb down such attacks might take a toll on economic and inter-continental relations. 


In recent times, atomic incidents in foreign land have exponential molecular effects on Indian soil- be it the intra-Sikh encounters or the recent Australian attacks. Be it the magic of ‘Jai Ho’ at the Oscars or the achievements at IPL 20-20, we have created a niche for us in the International scenario. And it’s high time we stand together with our much-vaunted unity to extend our emotional support to those miles away. But the real question lies in do we have to change ourselves first to stand up against racism in the International arena?


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