School, school go away, little Johnny wants to play

Teacher beat student….

Student comit suicide due to poor result….

Student thrashes girls and teacher in a classroom…


These types of headlines are quite common nowvacdays in any newspaper or bulletin. This is what our kids will probably grow up with.

Annual sports day, educational excursions, tiffin breaks, embroidery classes… These are the things that we grew up with. 

Today the educational systems symbolizes more of a commercial marketplace rather than a learning constitution. 

Kids are being put through a mechanized assembly line of strict discipline, competitiveness and un-necessary pressure at a tender age but the output probably makes them old and they are no longer kids. Though a strict regime is required on the educational ecosystem but I feel now a days parents rather the societal mindset push kids into something for which they are not prepared for at such a tender age. They still look for mother’s lap when they are made to mug up some difficult formula in the night; they probably want to fly a paper plane when they have to run for the bus with a heavy burden of books; they might want to enjoy a casual tiffin break chasing a butterfly than to rush to the library for extra study, they want a surprise Christmas present rather than a surprise test, they might still want to go on an exciting excursion or make pottery rather than computer classes.

l am also going to be a mother and I am not here to ridicule the education but to my utter dismay (pardon my lack of knowledge on if still we prefer  a school of dreams not one of those racers on the fast track) I feel we are somehow cheating our kids of their childhood which they will never get back. We are pushing our kids into a corporate competitive formal environment at an early age which can be avoided at an early age. 

Education systems have evolved, new methods and techniques have come in, advanced gadgets are there to lure kids into an illusional world of knowledge away from the world out there which they want to enjoy as a kid which might never come back. We as elders need to Learn what our kids think, Unlearn what we think and probably Relearn to give them a better present – their childhood.

Let kids be friends rather than exam scoring rivals, let us set standards which our kid can reach rather than stretching our kids and let teachers be guardians of knowledge rather than tormentors.

Friends if you are a parent or going to be one, let your kid live the present first rather than pushing him/her into the future.


4 thoughts on “School, school go away, little Johnny wants to play

  1. i agree with the message of this blog completely.. but the unfortunate thing is that if we gave our kids the space they needed, they’d lag behind other kids in the society in terms of academics / professional career 😦 .. i just wish all parents thought in the same way and had vision enough to not let their kids into this trap of competitiveness.. then only would we be able to provide the required space to our own kids..

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