TATAs of Happiness!

Can zero plus zero make a hundred? Yes!  Can zero plus zero make a hundred?

Mother Teresa said, “The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.”  I have experienced this poverty. She was referring to those thousands of orphan and homeless people out there. 

I am neither an orphan nor homeless. Yet I have experienced the poverty. I was the only child of my parents. I WAS well looked after, ushered with gifts. But somehow the dolls and teddy bears could not fill the emotional vacuum due the absence of a brother or a sister.  I always felt incomplete, inadequate and infirm.

Time flew. I grew up. Today I work in an IT company in Noida. Far away from my parents. Living all by myself in this busy city. Now I am not only a single child but also a ‘single employee’ a ‘single citizen’ of this city. Once again the angst and pain of being alone fills me up with a feeling of reclusive ness. I know loneliness very well.

Other people are lonely too; some of you sitting here might be lonely. Some of you sitting here might not be lonely but unhappy due to some self-created loneliness. Some of us compensate with retail therapy, some resort to drugs, alcohol, Internet chat rooms, but all these do not always work.

Are you a single child living all by yourself in the city? Do you have a child living alone in a city? Are you separated? Are you unhappy? Is there a way out? Let me share a personal story.

Just two months back, there was a Christmas carnival in our company where kids from an orphanage home Udayan Ghar in Sector-37 were invited to enjoy with us. They were performing their own talents on stage. Sitting in the audience, I thought they were just poor and orphan, lonely kids.

But soon I noticed their glowing faces, twinkling eyes and giggling smiles. I realized they faced life better than me; they had that courage which I lacked. Somehow I wanted their strength that empowered them to fight back life and loneliness so easily.

That night I went for a party. My colleagues showed off fancy new paraphernalia and branded attires. I felt the people hopping and jumping around me somewhere shared my loneliness too. After the flabbergasting party, my friend dropped me home.

I hated the journey from the car to the door, which was like a million miles. I was emotionally drained, empty and encapsulated within a cocoon. I reached the loneliest corner of town- my flat. Tears rolled down which the dazzling city lights cannot hide. The fly in my room was also buzzing with a friend. They too were not lonely. I sobbed and cried that night and asked God when was I so lonely, so cursed. (cry)

Next day with the rising sun came with a rising thought. I decided to visit the orphanage home. On the cloudy Sunday afternoon, I stepped into their home. The first step flooded me with happiness and laughter. A beautiful relationship was born, which I will cherish for years.

They recognized me; 9-year-old Umesh and 6-year-old Gaurav with a broken tooth came running hugging me. Their warm and tender touch revived my every nerve. 7-year old brothers Ajay and Vijay pulled me this side and that. I spent the whole evening there talking to them. Playing with them, teaching them, even singing and dancing. I learnt the art of living by sharing, caring by filling that void in someone else’s life and fighting your loneliness. They never needed my financial support. They really needed my belongingness towards them.

Emotions flew unbound. The zero of my being a single child and zero of being alone instantly made a perfect century. I felt they are family. Then there was bounce in my steps, the air felt so fresh. I became an emotional billionaire from a lonely pauper without even spending a penny. I cultivated the golden harvest of belongingness in my barren lands of loneliness. I drove the Mercedes of happiness leaving behind the Nanos of loneliness.

You can live your whole life thinking about why am I so lonely, so unhappy or even how can I make a difference and the answer is right there in your heart. The answer is in your action, take the first step forward. Hold out your hand forward and there would be many willing to hold back with even a second thought on what they will gain.

In this lonely city, few such angels helped me rise from the rabbles of loneliness; can you also not find someone too? Don’t you also want to break free from the slavery of loneliness and become the king of happiness? Don’t you want to step out the rugged lanes of loneliness and step in the flowery beds of happiness? Don’t you want to cross this journey of life in the boat of happiness with oars of cheerful memories? Don’t you my friends? I did, and I know we all do.

We never realize a ready remedy at hand to fight loneliness and seek happiness but just touching someone else’s life with love and care.

Do not have to look too far friends to rejuvenate yourself from loneliness, Take a look around, take a look right now, the person sitting next to you might be lonely, unhappy. Together you can drive away each other’s loneliness.

You might find a friend to ebb away loneliness but in the process, you might also be changing the life for someone. And discover joy and happiness knocking at your door.


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