Have I told you lately…


“Have I told you lately that I love you, Have I told you there’s no one else above you”

Van Morrison surely authored these words in a romantic mood but this can also mark the dilemma of many modern day couples across the globe.

Stating my own example and many other ‘married couples’, the word ‘lately’ holds utmost importance.

Are you a husband too busy in corporate boardroom to ring up your wife from office atleast once in a day? Are you a wife too caught up to ring and ask whether he has eaten lunch in office? Are you too involved with your kids and household works that you forget to hug each other good night like old times? Are you too engrossed to ignore your inner heart wanting to say a word or two to your spouse? Do you still share a childhood memory with your husband at bedtime rather than day long gossips? Do you still ask her about likes or you are too tensed about the presentation tomorrow? DO YOU DREAM TOGETHER?

These questions are endless and the answers are vague. Many shy away thinking these things are irrelevant or un-necessary after years of marriage, some feel there is not time for such things in this ‘real’ life. But what is real, my friends?

Is it your office cubicle where you keep a photo of your wife or is it the ‘real’ person waiting for you at home?

Is it the fake smile you wear at work or is it the ‘real’ drops of tears you shed over his shoulder?

Is it the folder in your laptop with loads of pictures or is it the unspoken memories you have spent together?

Again questions and answers unknown. We are too busy and so is TIME. People say time flies and time replies people are too foolish to let me (moments) go. Catch a moment today!

Hug her when she opens the door for you today; kiss him when he feels too frustrated with work; buy her a red rose on the way back home; make his favorite dish tonight; play her favourite song at dinner; hold his hand while walking tonight; share the same spoon; smile and live a moment together. This is not love, this is LIFE. These are the real, tangible joys of life.

 Don’t worry if your kids are watching, they will be happy to see their “loving parents”.

“Have I told you lately that I love you”. Let this “lately” come TODAY…


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