Playground to Playstation!


“When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, And then I don’t feel so bad…”

Is our life that simple that we remembering our favorite things will make us happy? Guess it must have been some decades ago but not any more.

Few decades ago, we were young but still ready to explore; our minds were racing with imagination but still we believed what we saw; playgrounds were always fun rather than Playstation; ‘we’ made more sense than the Wii; a Kismi bar was enough to make us happy; we used to put one rupee coin in the piggybank; we used to visit friends rather than talk on mobile; Lego was exciting rather than Angry Birds.

Today almost everything is virtual and there is a backup for everything. In a way it is good but why not live the moment first rather then saving all for the future.

Now-a-days life is so complex that simply your favorite things cannot do the trick. If I am sad and my mind tries to find its way to my favorite things, it gets entangled with so many worries that it gets lost. The past gets hard to find, it returns to the present and tries to find an answer in the future.

My favorite things just fade away one by one. I remember going through all the greeting cards I ever got (how silly of me); I remember dressing my Barbie with her accessories; I remember hiding ping pong inside my notebook; and yes making funny faces in front of the mirror. Alas those days are gone, now doing such things would earn me the title of a ‘silly weirdo’.

Times have changed and so has the worth of money. Hundred is the new ten (quoting my husband), the worth of money has changed. I do not wish to pass on my favorite things to my kids as they are too ‘intelligent’ for such trivial things. They will miss the likes of expensive X-Box and iPads.

But hope the world does not turn out to be so ‘virtual’ that they do not miss a real family’s togetherness, a real friend’s need, a father’s real guidance and a mother’s real touch.

Though you are too busy, keep a small space in your heart for your favorite things as nothing else can ever replace them.


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