Be anyone you want to be…



Lazing on the couch has become my favorite past time off late- the feeling is indescribable but I am sure lot of us know it though they will not admit it. Today something good happened when I was aimlessly browsing my laptop. After ages I came across something I cherished a long time back. A memory, a lesson – a movie. Many readers might not like the kind of stuff I am going to write below but guess I am writing this piece for myself and for ‘hardcore kids –at-heart adults’ like me.

It was a feeling which still gives me goose bumps, a picture that still makes me awe, a music which still makes me believe in life.  I know I am an adult now and I cannot rewind my life back to childhood but when I clicked on the movie, it took me back on a journey of being stupid, of being funny, imaginative, but in a way they took me forward-  forward to being strong, forward to want to dream on, forward to life.

Wondering what the movie is; it was Lion King – the king size screen seemed to portray larger than life characters, (when I saw it the first time). I had kept the movie in my laptop and God knows how many times I have seen it till now.

A determined Simba, a tumescent Mufasa, happy-go-lucky Timon and Simba, a wicked Scar and the African landscape still glues time to the screen. But it is not only the cinematography and animation that spellbounds me, it is the morale, the message all these movies bring forth enthralls me the most; the characters seem real and the stories seem true. It sketches out perfectly the circle of life, the odds, the fight backs, the victory and the family. It brings out the battles within, the fears, the inspirations, the real life expectations, the sorrows and happiness and above all the family we belong to. It introduces us to a ‘whole new world’ which somewhere coincides with our ‘real world’.

I strongly believe that animations flicks bring out a message like no other movie.

Have you also liked an animation that might have given a smile to your face, a tear to your eyes, a determination to your heart and a dream in your life? If yes, remember to watch it once in a while, it will liven you up. And if no, there is always a first time.

You might find the annoying yet lovable Sid in your friends, a noble steed like Donkey or a great gang like Marty, Gloria, Alex and Melman (with whom everyday is an adventure), sometimes an enemy like Scar or a loyal friend like Diego, may be you are as free spirited as Mumble or as lost as Nemo, you might become the Aladdin and discover the magic lamp of your life; or the ugly Shrek who finds true love in the end; or as passionate as Ratatouille to chase your dreams or as cute Po, who achieves the impossible in the end just by believing in himself. You might be the estranged Rapunzel waiting for your Prince Charming or the beauty Belle waiting to kiss the Beast.

And you know what, YOU can be ANYONE YOU WANT TO BE…and live happily ever after. Hope that doesn’t hurt too much? 

So discover a whole new you in the world of animation. And lazing around with a bit of imagination isn’t that bad at all.


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