Don’t call me a mother, I have an attitude…

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It has been quite a while that I contributed something to my blog, I waved it farewell, it is dead. I am too busy with my 6 months old kiddo who keeps me on my toes all day. Not that I mind but sometimes the ‘toes really hurt’ and I want my ‘fingers to work’. Just kidding..ooops, I am a mother, cant be ‘kidding’ I guess.

 This afternoon I managed some ‘peace time’ for myself and all I ended up doing was stare at my little one wondering ten different things – whether she is eating well, is her weight gain proper, what if she catches a cold, what new clothes to get for her, when will she sit, when will she crawl, when will she say mamma….oh and the last made me sit up, get my laptop and get going (definitely with frequent glances to my daughter sleeping!)

A very ridiculously obscure question came to my mind, who do we call a mother? Couldn’t resist myself from doing the weirdest thing ever – typing ‘mother’ in the search bar. Mr. Google replied with wikipedia links with biological explanation and thesaurus definitions. It also gave back a wonderful quote by Robert A Heinlein that goes like “Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.” Somehow now I didn’t want to be a mother of the biological kind for my kid, now I want to be a mother of ‘attitude’, I decided to show off that ‘attitude’, to myself, to my kid, to my family and to everyone else… 

But how, where do I get that attitude? I never thought why I call my mother a ‘mother’, is it just because of that biological relation or does she also have an ‘attitude’ which I or anyone never noticed!!! I didn’t have an answer; probably I just simply kept calling her ‘mother’ because that is the best word that personifies her. And I guess there is a hidden attitude in her which she might have underestimated. From today, I would call her a ‘mother’ with an attitude like none.

But do I have that attitude, will my daughter call me a mother with attitude. And friends don’t take attitude in its literary sense; it is much more than that. I kept pondering a lot (thanks to my kiddo for the ‘sound sleep’; she loves sleeping in sound…ha ha, just kidding again). How do I get that attitude?

Then suddenly I saw my daughter looking at me, eyes wide open, smiling lips and tiny fingers reaching out for me, I took my face near her and like a magic wand, she touched me…and there came my attitude. I guess we all have it within us but dormant. Now my little angel wants me to show that to the world.

So mommies time to shed all inhibitions and show the world your attitude of being a mother. All those who feel they are not doing a great job being a mother or feel dejected when other people criticize your work as a mother or someone makes you feel low for not doing a motherly job properly, time to just show them the attitude of being a mother which only you can do best. Time to show them how you got that attitude and they don’t.

I have an attitude when I care for my infant in their initial days of growing up, when they see the world for the first time and try to understand it. I know when she is happy, when she is sad, when she want to play or when she is hungry. I get worried when she is a little warm or when there is a small rash on her skin. I know when to feed her, what soap to use, when she wants to sleep and when she might fall. Can anybody else have this attitude?

I have an attitude when I teach my children in their learning age. I know what she likes in tiffin or which subject she hates, when to make her do her homework and when to let her play. I get worked up thinking about fancy dress competitions for her or match her hair clips with her dresses. I know when she like someone and when to tell her to stay away from something. I know when to let her go with friends and when to make her stay with elders. Can anyone ever match this attitude?

Finally, I have an attitude when I guide my child in their journey ahead. I know when she is dating and she is heart broken. I know how she feels getting a new job or which places she might hang out. I know how she might feel in a new house and how she makes a man feel happy. I know how she can spoil or make a dish or how she manages her family. I know how her face lightens up seeing her baby and how she raises her kid. Can anyone ever understand this attitude?

I know it all when it comes to being a mother to my kid, what else brings an attitude more than having your own way of thinking. So mommies, no more of negative thinking about what you are doing, you have a positive attitude to deal with it. And forget just being a mother, you are the new superhero for your child.

I am no different, or better or worse than any other mother but in a way I am a unique mother to my child. So don’t call me ‘just a mother’, I am much more than that and that too with an attitude! 

I have not said anything that has not been said before but I want to remind all you mothers to connect with your child in a better way. Make them believe in you and build your belief in them. Your attitude now will help them bring out the best in themselves in the future. So Care, Teach and Guide them whenever they need you the most. And remember, a ‘mother’ can never be defined in words in any language whatsoever.

Note: I read out the piece to my daughter, she listened with a frown and gave back a smirking smile. Guess she already has an attitude 😉  and finally, my blog is alive, back with a new attitude!                         


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