4 Stages of Protection for babies


I keep seeing mothers anxious about the protection of their infants or toddlers at home specially while playing or crawling. And I am ‘no odd one out’. It’s really scary when my infant daughter stands supporting her storage bus or our centre table in the drawing room and starts dancing. I always think she will fall but somehow she manages, I guess their natural reflex. But once she did fall, thank God, she was fine. We were all there but could not predict the fall and later I felt so guilty. I keep wondering how to manage such situation- on one hand you can always be attentive or we don’t let our little ones stand or walk in the fear of getting hurt but we have to let them go at some point to help them attain these milestones naturally. The big question is- HOW DO WE PROTECT THEM FROM GETTING HURT? There have discussion on different ways on how to keep our babies safe inside the house during their formative years. In the house, lot of time is spent on the floor so now-a-days most of us opt for ‘play mats’. But using that also we have to be ever vigilant especially when our little ones start standing and walking. Doctors also advice on slightly harder ones not the soft cushiony ones such that they can start practising their natural reflexes without getting hurt. Came across this in the net, where this brand of play mats also talks about the stages of protection. Not that I have used this particular playmat but kind of agree with this chart, so thought of sharing.

IMG_1329.JPG Hope this is helpful and guess whenever we buy playmats or play with our little ones at home in these stages of life, we need to keep in mind these stages of protection for better growth and development. And personally Stage 2 is really important and sometimes I find it difficult to leave my child to stand and walk without the fear of hurting her head!!!


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