What is India’s slogan? – “I Need Democracy and Independence back Again”

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Now-a-days the television screens keep blaring about how ‘acchey din aane wale hai’ slogans from our politicians, or how our country is economically advancing or how we have excelled in our participation in various games or events worldwide. We also see debatable slogans about security issues, women defamations, rise in crime rates, national and social degradation of our country.

But in this piece of mine, I have tried to bring out what India’s slogan is as a country, as a nation and as a motherland. It doesn’t have heavy words or it is not impregnated with idea ideologies which are ‘just good for chatting or debating’. It is just a simple voice which remains unheard, un-noticed and unimportant. But till when? When will the sons and daughters start listening to this mother and be more responsible? When will sons of this mother start respecting her as a woman? When will be daughters of this mother take every breath of freedom? When will they stop destroying their mother’s wealth? When will they stop eroding her dignity?

How long does India need to keep screaming for the ‘right democracy’ and ‘right independence’ of her children? Guess we do not have any answer to this question.

These things have been talked about and discussed over and over again but they just seem to vanish in oblivion. India, as our mother land, first needs its simple democracy and independence back- the very essence of her existence and of the people residing in her shadow.

I won’t talk about how things went bad to worse or what someone is doing or not doing to rectify it or what we can do, I am just here as a mute spectator like my motherland, waiting for ‘achey din’ to come.

I am awaiting a day when independecne does not mean freedom of crime, independence does not mean freedom of shame, independence does not mean freedom ofabuse.

I am awaiting a day when democracy is by not of people who are are mute and weak , democracy is not by the people who are corrupt and shameless, democracy is not for the people who put themselves above the law or even above humanity.

I am awaiting a day of ‘true independence’ of a mother in the ‘true democracy’ of her children.

I am waiting and listening to my motherland shouting for freedom.



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