5 ‘out of the world’ expression of babies

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Boyzone sang “Words and words are all I have to take your heart away…” I too believed in that till my daughter came into my life since this January. I never knew we could communicate so much without words but my daughter taught me how. But guess we will never be able to communicate the way babies do, not that we are expected to.

Picture yourself in office, blabbering ‘abbbababab’ in front of your boss. Unimaginable. But imagine this, getting greeting every morning with tiny fingers over your face and the same ‘abbbbabbb’, heavenly, don’t you agree?


Our little ones are the ‘cutest little creatures’ on earth with ultimate gift of extreme innocence and simplicity. They are like the brand ambassadors of life, laughter and love. They emote with simplicity yet such passion which seems unmatched. They are like the ‘miraculous mystery of life’, who keeps surprising you every day.

Since birth I am ever attentive to catch an extraordinary or first expression of my child- happy, sad, crying, overwhelmed or others. I tend to capture them in my camera- those are precious and memorable.

I could think of 5 such expressions on her face which completely mesmerized me. I could bring out five different traits in my daughter.

the ‘ohhh-I-had-no-clue’ look: I call it the observer. She is an avid observer of things and keenly listens to conversations, sometimes our fights or at her doctor. Strangely she makes this round gesture with her lips and keeps scanning across the room. An expression she had mastered quite early and used it whenever she saw something new, which was quite natural for a 2 month old. But then it was wonderful to see those eyes eagerly looking for answers.

download (1)

the ‘I-am-about-to-cry’ look: This is a very a very common look for any baby. To be frank, sometimes they really look cute in this expression (don’t take is sadistically..he he) and even cuter just before crying. My little one does this small eye expression with a humming noise and we know something is bothering her. I call it her melancholy side, a prelude to the outburst ahead.

download (2)

the ‘I-am-on –the-top-of-the-world’ look: This is her ‘happy self’, extreme expression of joy and laughter when her father lifts her high, or her favourite song is paying, or when we play peek-a-boo or roll the ball of break the towers. She would laugh so much at times that she ends up having hiccups. These occur mostly in her late night playtime when rest of the world is sleeping but it’s her wish to keep herself and us wide awake.


the ‘I-am-dumbstruck’ look: This expression has many forms and each time she amazes us with a new look. Either when she is lost or in awe of something or just disinterested. I remember the first time I captured this was when she was a month old and loved listening to the song ‘Pehla Nasha’ and made all kinds of weird faces. There are expressions with I really can’t put in words but they wonderfully tickles our funny bones and brings a smile in the hardest of times too.


the ‘what-are-you-talking-about-dude’ look: And the most favourite expression of hers which she can bring up anytime, anywhere and to anybody. We call it the ‘WTH’ (pardon my usage), it’s her ‘I give a damn to the world’ attitude which we simply love. As in we love the simplicity and innocence in this audacious look from an infant. She can give this look anytime whether we disturb her while she is trying to pick up a dirt point on the floor or sometimes after listening to all the ‘koochikooing’ which might have been doing or if we try to distract her from her current work. Simply Amazing, how simple and easy for her to emote her feelings which we sometimes struggle to put across our point. This look can also be like ‘I-was-thinking-types’ as if her opinion is the last thing which matters. But we just enjoy every moment of her expression.


These are few of those many wonderful, thought-provoking emotions I get to see from my little angel. I am sure all of you have ‘my baby’s special expression’ moments especially in their infant year which you simply can’t get over and reminisce over and over.


I am not sure whether she will keep finding those unique expressions but guess things change when they start talking. So keep decoding, capturing and enjoying those special looks!!! You don’t want to miss them. Keep them safe in the treasure chest of your heart.


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