She was lolling aimless in the garden,

Her lazy feet made its way through the wild bushes, the pace was rather slow,

It was late, dusk was about to unroll its curtain,

She could not think of anything, she was not certain,

She had a pale gray look in her eyes, as if all her emotions were lies,

She felt tired physically, rather mentally,

Sickness was reflecting all over her,

Suddenly her eyes met something very soothing, something mesmerizing,

An enchanting sensation ran through her,

There was an instant spark in ‘them’,

‘They’ were pure, true, promising,

The ‘very’ eyes, she had been searching for so long,

Her speech became still slower,

As ‘he’ came closer, she could hear her heart pounding faster,

She could distinctly feel a strange change,

She was at the lack of words, her emotions seems vaguely amusing and puzzled,

Her eyes were still transfixed in ‘them’,

‘They’ had a blackish tint full of warmth, love and affection.


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