She cried…


She had so many dreams,

Twinkling in her eyes.

She wanted to be so much,

Nothing extraordinary as such.

She wanted to say so many things,

But her throat felt so dry,

Her eyes were so tired to dream,

She wanted to feel so much

But her senses felt so weak.

She has so much to share,

But, alas, nobody was there.

She tried to stop them, but they were gone,

Leaving her isolated and alone.

She felt so unwanted and pitied,

There was a deep pain in her heart.

She tried hard to hold back her tears,

And fill her heart with cheers.

But she cried till her heart ached,

She had no one to call her own,

To make them feel her sorrow,

To make them understand her pain,

To share her loneliness and helplessness.

Finally, she accepted her fate, there was no hope.

All her dreams shattered into pieces,

All her feelings were numb, everything was out of her reach.

Then one day…. everything changed,

She saw her loved ones gathered together,

They had all come for her, only for her.

She was there, covered in a floral white gown,

She looked beautiful; her unseen beauty was vibrant, serene and sound,

Everybody talked about her- emotions and things she longed everybody would feel.

Yes, things have changed, the day had come- she is dead.

Her corpse lying there, suddenly she was so important.

But today, she has nothing to reciprocate, nothing to emote,

All her feeling and dreams have become so remote.

Somehow, it seemed to be the happiest day of her life,

It was a new beginning with the end of her life.


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