Tale of a 17 yr old terrorist

I am sixteen going on seventeen
And I am ready to kill.

I can pull the trigger on my friends,
This is how I have been trained.

I can kill many innocent souls,
This is how they have set our goals.

I can blow up myself into pieces,
This is what my mentor back there teaches.

I have a lil sister and a old mother,
My death is their only food and shelter.

I am sixteen going on seventeen,
And I am ready to kill.

Two years back, I went to school,
I lived in a small house just beside the pool.

Then one day I heard a huge sound,
Armed men gunned down our entire town,

Killed my father, raped my mother, my books were burnt,
They took me off to a camp.

I was beaten, tortured and whipped,
Till I my entire body was ripped.

I gave in to their wishes,
I bargained safety of my family,
I was given a gun to kill and a mind full of hate,
They had chosen me to die and sealed off my fate.

I am sixteen going on seventeen,
And I am ready to kill.

This is my story in a gist,
The world calls me ‘a terrorist’.

When we look at the other side of the story, we see how young terrorists massacred the school in Peshawar but who are they and how did they they become one?

Educated masterminds kill innocence in every form and create instruments of mass destruction. My poem tries to capture the mind of one such misguided soul.

Yesterday, death of 6 terrorists gave birth to 600 more when I heard a school boy saying, “I will not leave them. I will kill them all.” This is breeding terrorism in a new way.

God save mankind!


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