Secret Santa – of the moms, by the moms and for the moms!

People say women cannot keep secrets, but this Christmas, the mommies of Momzspace Koramangala proved them wrong. In this festive season spreading joy, these wonderful mothers took a step forward to gift a smile to another mother they do not even know.


“Secret Santa launch poster”

Mothers have always been a Santa, a giver of happiness to their children and others around. But this time, Nidhi Pathak, the founder of Momzspace ( though to bringing a tint of merry in their lives with the Secret Santa (SS) endeavour. Mothers interacted, communicated; exchanged gifts and most of all engaged themselves in a wonder game of sharing and caring.


“I was enthralled and completely bowled over with the gifts from my SS.”

The game was kick-started on December 16 with each mom in the Whatsapp group getting the name of another mom to whom she had to be a Secret Santa. She was supposed to send a surprise gift of joy in any form to her angel without disclosing her identity. All moms in the group eagerly pondered upon their Secret Santa names on December 24, just to be surprised and overwhelmed to send them a note of thanks.


“Hand-made cards for Kavitha”

All the moms enthusiastically participated from day one till the end, ensuring they become the best Santa a mom could wish for. Their playful yet thoughtful, fun filled gestures in the form of sending gifts, daily messages and others brought back many childhood memories. The first mom to  receive a gift of joy was Farheen from her SS, Kavitha. Then the gifts just started pouring in. Nidhi single handedly took the responsibility to deliver the SS gifts to their angels. Kudos to her for the dedication and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the SS was also sending anonymous daily messages via Whatsapp through Elf to keep up the spirit of the game.


“Bouquet and sweets for Farheen”

Secret Santa (From) Angel (To) Gift (s)
Anusha Kanak Nice Dress
Cynthia Suman Yummy Ginger Bread and a gift
Debarati Swetha Delicious Plum Cake
Farheen Anusha Chmbak accessory and bouquet
Kanak Cynthia Beautiful chocolate bouquet
Kavitha Farheen Nice bouquet and Sweet treats
Nidhi Debolina Beautiful hand-made note, goodies in a bag, Bengali song in her voice, a baby book for my lo
Preethi Debarati Yummy Plum cake and nice personalized video
Suman Kavitha Beautiful homemade cards and sweet treats
Swetha Preethi Beautiful Hand Bag


“Handbag for Preethi from Swetha”

10888434_10152427369116782_3170729511284672243_n“Goodies for Anusha from Farheen”


“Yummy plum cake for Swetha from Debarati”

Swetha, Nidhi and myself also received yummy plum cakes from Preethi as a note of thanks.

10613023_10152422695011782_6243320672500011471_n“Plum cakes from Peethi”

Moms met on December 21 and had loads of fun knowing each other and exchanging gifts. Nidhi received a chocolate gift from Kavitha. Kanak had also gifted goodies.


“Chocolate for Nidhi from Kavitha”10847861_10152424056231782_189085569491466707_n

“Chocolate bouquet for Cynthia from Kanak”

I did not want to miss the fun of being SS and sent Nidhi a personalized calendar and a photo frame as her SS.


Initially, a winner was supposed to be decided for guessing respective Secret Santa, but with such an overwhelming response and the immense glee that this game brought in, everybody is a winner. It is difficult rather impossible to choose a single Santa who was at her best. Everybody had that extreme zeal to make other mommies happy irrespective if they are getting anything in return. Hence it was decided that the winner will be chosen by a lucky draw in the next meet.

Not only the moms of Koramangala, mothers from all walks of life and associated with Momzspace in any way had come forward with their generous help to fill the Santa Goody Bag for the winner.


“Santa Goody Bag – lucky mom”

The bag is not only full with goodies, but also with the love, care and inspiration of all these mommies.

We, the mommies of Momzspace, extend our heartiest thanks to all those who willingly associated themselves with Secret Santa. Finally, a whole lot of appreciation for Nidhi for conceptualizing, networking and giving an opportunity to spread happiness. Her ardor in every respect is unparalleled and commendable. Wishing her all the best in all her future endeavours.

I guess the secret is out, the secret joy of giving happiness to a fellow mom is a great satisfaction in itself.


“the joy of spreading happiness”

Hope you all had a great time and wishes for a happy, prosperous year ahead with loads of happiness!!!

Keep watching this section for the winner to be announced in the New Year!


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