Twelve months went by, four seasons too
Just a year went by that I am with you.

Nine months I felt you, before you came,
Like you were in my mind, exactly the same.

I was so unsure if at all I can,
Till I became a mother in this year Jan.

Feb to March, I was so scared if I drop you,
But you were like the strength I never knew.

April, May, June, you grew day by day,
You were a miracle my heart would say.

July and August were never so much fun,
I have been waiting so long and you are the one.

September to October, we celebrated together,
Festivals and feasts we attended here and there.

November, December, my dreams again grew,
When you inspired me to start something new.

Twelve month will come again, four seasons too,
I just can’t believe,
It’s already a year that I am with you.


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