I am in LOVE…

Love is when I saw you looking back at me,

Love is when we I first spoke to you,

Love is when I took the first steps towards you,

Love is when we danced together,

Love is when I started singing with you,

Love is when I first wrote a letter,

Love is when I first met you,

Love is when you kissed me back,

Love is when I knew you were coming,

Love is when I had you in my arms,

Love is when I was looking back at you,

Love is when you looked back at me,

Love is being with someone I wanted to see,

And love is when you say nothing at all to me.


All of us must have fallen in and out of love in life! I know it might be a bit early for valentine post but thought of sharing my love story before you guys are overwhelmed with more exciting love stories and mine might not seem to be enchanting.

I never fell in LOVE but still I have a love story. I love story is all that is written in the poem. And my love story is still on…with different perceptions.

I fell in love with my Mother when ‘I saw you looking back at me’;the only eternal love which can never fade away.

I fell in love with everybody when ‘I first spoke to them’; it was a wonderful feeling to be able to communicate first time in life.

I fell in love with my school when ‘I took my first steps towards’ a second home where I was about to spend 12 years of my life- learning, playing, making friends and being exposed to different aspects on life. I am out of school but still in love with the memories.

I am in love with music when ‘I danced together’; the r  hythm, the momentum, the serene, the excitement still enthrals me and makes me move on my toes.

I am in love with certain songs when ‘I start singing with them’; I am in love with the fact that I can express almost every emotion with tunes of melody and they make me fall in love with them over and over again.

I am surely in love with words from the time when ‘I wrote my first letter’; I started my journey with the pen and I am still in love with that which grows every day.

I am truly, madly, deeply in love when ‘I first met you’; probably this is the first time I wanted to celebrate Valentine’s day – buying cards, sending flowers and all those lovey-dovey, mushy-mushy love tidbits. This is after I met my husband. He made me sing- Making love out of nothing at all. Rest cannot be expressed in words, I guess.

I love getting drenched in the rain when ‘I the raindrops kissed me back’; it is like touching my heart with a new emotion every time, every time a new feeling, a new memory.

Last year I fell in LOVE all over again, when ‘I knew you were coming’; when ‘I held you in my arms’; when ‘I was looking at you and you looked back at me’; when ‘I am with you’ and when ‘you say a thousand words with those eyes’. I fell in love with the idea of being a mother, I fell in love with my daughter, I fell in love like never before. And I knew all I will get in return is LOVE.

Darn, I am absolutely in love. It has been a decade that I have left my city but this winter when I visited Kolkata for vacation and specially Park Street, it revived flashes of Valentines Day which was just another date for me. I had no idea how and with whom to celebrate or whether there was any reason to celebrate. Wish I realized then that I was in love with so many things.

I used to sulk at times that I couldn’t celebrate the so-called Valentine’s Day, nobody gave me flowers or card, may be I was not loved- today when I look back I think ‘silly me’. I could be celebrated every day as Valentine’s Day. It is more like the things you are in love with rather than if someone loves you back.

Not sure, how many of you would agree to my opinion that you do not need a special day to celebrate love and that Valentine’s Day is best celebrated much later in life than the teenage. Because then you know in what ways unconditional love can enter your life. And most importantly love urself- love your existence and then only you can respect that of others.

This Valentine’s Day, I will be celebrating with my daughter, the newly found love of my life and of course the already existing loves in my life. Hope all of you celebrate the essence of love in any form this year and every year.

Would love to hear your love story too. Share your sweet and sour love trivia.


2 thoughts on “I am in LOVE…

  1. Nice post Debolina. Most people narrow down the notion of love to the feelings for a particular person. But I too believe in what you wrote. Love is a feeling we feel for many different persons and different things in life.

    Btw always a pleasure reading fellow Kolkata Bloggers.

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