‘Mother’ of all detectives- a common man!

To be very frank, the best known detective to me is my ‘mom’. She can detect my lies, mistakes, solve mystery about my whereabouts, find any hidden object in my room. All those things an ace detective can do. Hahahaha.

Jokes apart, coming to fictional detectives whom I have ‘read’, ‘seen’ and who have impelled me to put on my ‘thinking cap’ are Sherlock Holmes (the greatest of all times), Hercule Poirot (the psychology decoder), Tintin (the adventure kid), Inspector Jacques Clouseau (the hilarious twist), Batman (the handsome who saves the day), Feluda (the roar of Bengal), Scooby Doo (the cute detective gang), Tenida (the detective ‘bychance’) and of course Professor Langdon (the gentleman) to some extent.


Pic Courtesy: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/e3/04/7a/e3047adbe3c8448a1afa675dd8158a72.jpg

Last but no the least, my all time favourite detective, the cream of the crop- Bymokesh Bakshi, the charm of Bengal.

Sharadindu Bandyopadhay has trapped every Indian soul when it comes to detective stories with Byomkesh. He is like the ‘common man’s detective’. He possesses all the qualities a detective should, which is obvious, but what enthrals me about this character is how being a middle-class Bengali, I could relate to this Satyaneshi, who otherwise is a common man’s legend.

3 unique things about him and his milieu that is differentiating him and keeps me transfixed to his character are:

His simplicity brings him closer: He is a simple man in attire, nature, conversation yet the sharpest in intellect and eye for detail. He lived in a simple home, love ‘luchi-alurdam’ and ‘cha’ like any other Bengali, is a smoker like any other youth in a certain era, was a good friend to Ajit (participated in hilarious conversations too), fell in love and got married.

He depicts an entire era: Byomkesh communicates and personifies an entire era of Bengal. Many of his cases bring out the vices of contemporary society. He would not ‘fit’ in a different time unlike Feluda and many others. The backdrop of Bengal in those times renders a more realistic and appealing look. His character has grown from a youth to an elder over time with experience and responsibility.

His methods spoke a lot: Probably, he used his ‘magajashtra’ the most in all of his cases barring a few where he had used physical and armed combat. He would keep secrets about a plan even from Ajit for the sake of success. He had a skill to predict which took him closer to the criminal. He would use the element of surprise to stage an attack on himself. His story wold not preach any moral in rrhe end rather an introspection by Byomkesh of the situation.


Pic Courtesy: http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312084365l/2426848.jpg

Rajit Kapoor became the face of Byomkesh and he is one of the best in my opinion. But then again, Byomkesh is such a character, who I feel can be popular without a face like the guy in the neighbour can be Byomkesh and I wouldn’t know. He is so simple and modest that he hardly had any signature pose or attire or address like Baker Street as opposed to Sherlock Holmes who became a popular figure with the visuliazed image of his personality.

Finally I guess, what Holmes has said below is a key element of any great detective:


Pic Courtesy: https://s-media-cache- ak0.pinimg.com/236x/41/32/4f/41324f42f5ec5593185f7674d8989681.jpg

Though I enjoy the gripping plots and intelligent investigations of detectives of different times, I will always proudly remain a Byomkesh-addict. Who are you addicted to? Leave your thought behind before you leave in comments.

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