Kolkata Literary Festival 2015- A jamboree of juggling thoughts

Kolkata, a haven of book lovers and literary legends is at its cultural ‘high’ with the Kolkata Literary Festival 2015, spread over two months with a miscellany of ideas, thoughts, interactions, events, discussions and whole new zeal towards the ‘papyrus passion’ as I call it.


A thoughtful tapestry of opinion, conversation, illumination, communication and networking is what the organisers saw at the end of the road when they conceptualized this gala event in the dawn of the New Year. Kolkata stepped into another year of literary excellence with reminiscing where they had left off a year ago, following the foot steps of the experienced, applauding the talents that have shone and breeding a new age of ‘revolutionary’ authors. This is a festival to embrace the new in the light of the old.

The festival kickstarted as the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2015 in association with The Times of India, 14th to 18th January. And believe me, this was just the beginning. What followed was just tremendously inspiring an engaging.

Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2015: The five day extravaganza was to celebration of the magic of words in any form- literature, music, dance, art- a platform where creativity was ‘freshly brewed’ and served in a platter of knowledge, heritage and appreciation. A stage was set where eminent personalities came, minds collided, ideas broke free and learnings recorded.

With innovative and engaging short sessions, there were book launches, diversified topics discussed right of grestest authours, Bollywood romance, thought from beyond boundaries, to crime busting in the backdrop of Oxford bbokstore, Tollygainge Club, The Park and many more. It also included a heritage walk through the of history in the Indian Museum. One of the greatest attraction was the The Great Indian Blogging Contest which received an overwhelming response from bloggers. It was a commendable effort by Kolkata Bloggers (#Kolkata Bloggers) to put together this endeavour which unleashed a panorama of talent and thought. It was a tough call for the judges to pick and choose. This was a huge motivation for the blogger. The last two days was names ‘Oxford Junior Book Fest’ was a landmark event to inculcate the love of books into the young generation through activity-based events, story-telling and much more. Those who attended were enthralled by the magnanimous aarray of thoughts and ideas, they got exposed to.

Few of those who graced with their presence: K. Anish Ahmed, Tisca Chopra, Shahsi Tharoor, Mohhamed Hanif, Nabaneeta Dev Sen, Sorabh Pant, Michael Buckley, Hanif Kureishi and many more…

Kolkata Literary Meet (Kalam 2015): ‘One Magical Setting. Many Spellbinding Sessions’. True to every word, this is one of those fests where you never want to miss any session. When you can ‘Bond’ with the best and people from a wide spectrum of professions and walks of life gather for ‘adda’, it is definitely worth a presence. Right from Literature Nobel tips, Digital Bangla, Goenda goppo, economic roller coster, from films to poetry, from mothers to mentors, from sports to wildlife- this had it ‘ALL’. It was not just speaking and listening, it was thinking, smiling, laughing, reading and a lot more.

Few of those who inspired with their words: Ruskin Bind, Jaya Bacchan, Abir Chatterjee, Saswata Chatterjee, Derek O’Brien, Rajdeep Sardesai, Subha Mudgal, Bikram Ghosh, Arun Shourie, Shantanu Moitra, Rahul Bose and many more…

Kolkata Literary Festival(#KLF2015): An infant initiative in this amazing galaxy of literature, KLF 2015 is an amazing platform for young minds to develop and showcase their writing spree. Right from Marathon Blogging Contest to story telling, R.D Burman, changing image of women in Indian fiction, breaking boundaries of Indian fiction, social media, Indian cinema, Bangla rock and much more. Anything exciting, new, thought-provoking, holistic and insoiring is there in it. Day 1 started off as just a curtain raiser to what is about to come. So, people of Kolkata, if you haven’t contemplated of being a part it, you will miss an opportunity of a lifetime. BE A PART OF THIS CAROUSEL OF KNOWLEDGE.

Few of those will enlighten you: Soumitra Chatterjee, Shobhaa de, Jawhar Sircar, Vishal Baradwaj, Sudha Murthy, Jonathan Edwards, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Sandip Ray, Dr. Amartya Sen and many more…

Kolkata Book Fair, an ultimate culmination of what I call ‘book-ification’ for any book lover in and around Kolkata. And for few unfortunate souls like myself who have missed on an opportunity to get ‘enlightened’.

And a huge round of applause to Kolkata Bloggers (#KolkataBloggers) for being the loyal stead for all these amazing events. The great platform to inspire new bloggers to share their ideas and take a step towards literary excellence. Let them embark on a journey of keeping Kolkata alive through their eyes and and their words.

Let their pen be so powerful that it can change the face of the young generation and take them ahead.

Keep watching for more on Kolkata Literary Festival 2015 tomorrow!


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