Kolkata Literature Festival 2015- Memoirs of a Blogger

Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival in January 2015 and Kolkata Literature Festival (#KLF2015) in February 2015 opened new doors for the city bloggers with The Great Indian Blogging Contest and Marathon Blogging Contest simultaneously. Alongside Kolkata Bloggers (#KolkataBloggers), was an immense motivation and an apt platform for both established and budding bloggers to channelize their ideas and thoughts. They provide a canvas where bloggers are free to paint a picture with their words.


The opportunity and talent that these kinds of events unleash is tremendous. The promotion and publicity done both in print and social media regarding these events increased the popularity of their social media pages and motivated many to join the club.

The reach and recognition that it brought for bloggers across the city surpassed boundaries like never before.

Reminiscing my journey as a blogger, I was quite naive when I started my own blog. It was more like ‘book-keeping’ of my thoughts rather than any interaction with a larger audience in mind. As I got more and more aware and indulge into this art of blogging, I started to write probably ‘what the audience would love to read’. As a teenager, I had a different collage of thoughts; as an adult, I had different things to think and talk about; and as a young mother, I had a whole new world to explore and share.

My journey as a blogger started off a year and half ago and today it is one of my greatest passions, profession, identity and a picture of my emotions. I might not be the best but, i surely try to get better at it. And when I saw a whole community of bloggers from different walks of life who have made it big, it is quite an inspiration. I started my ideas and times to blog as a freelancer from home. It is always a pleasure to read and write about about so many different things.

My love for this ‘digital thought-sharing’ got a new high when I thought of participating in The Great Indian Blogging Contest. It opened up a new challenge for me and I decided to take it up. I got myself added to Kolkata Bloggers and was completely overwhelmed to be a part of a huge ‘blogger’s park’ of the city. Truly, I have never been associated with such a thing in a long time, especially in the city I had parted with, a long time ago.

Though, I never got a chance to take away the winning prize but getting to know fellow bloggers, being a part of the bigger blogging community and of course, the enthusiasm and confidence it built in me was worth a try.

And when I attended the session at Oxford Book Store, it opened a new ‘pitara’ of knowledge about blogging for me. It was a pleasure to see a ‘whole new blogging community’ breeding and breathing in Kolkata.

Next came the Marathon Blogging Contest as a part of Kolkata Literature Festival. Three topics, three days of rigorous thought churning- it was quite an excitement. Loved being a part of this contest and would love to be a part of many more to come. These kind of platforms is a huge motivation for budding bloggers and not so regular bloggers, like myself.

In my younger days in the city, we never had such opportunities to communicate through blogs, definitely we never had the concept of blogging altogether. We were never exposed to the immense opportunity or reach a blog could bring.

It is not only about ‘writing a blog’, it is a sheer pleasure to be able to ‘read amazing blogs’ through portals and social media. It is like a blog is an identity of someone or someone gives their identities to their blogs, their personalities, their thoughts come out alive. And it is not just for people who might be great in articulation or a master of the language, it is more like a ‘common man’s language’. It is like reading a newspaper every morning, just you need to have a different mindset. I guess the day is not far when we will be ‘communicating’ and ‘networking’ through blogs, it is a huge gamut of information with the potential to bring about a ‘change’.

And kudos to such events that makes blogging all the more exciting through contests, sessions, discussions, recognitions, opportunities for live blogging, guest blogging and much more. The invite to such endeavors is always a pleasure to grab and execute.

And hats off to Kolkata Bloggers for providing a platform for bloggers to thrive. And with the new ‘Wi-Fi’-ed look, ‘Digital Kolkata’ with a fleet of completely new, young, and determined ‘digital messengers’, is all set to step into a future like never before.


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