Where are you now?

A sudden melancholy thought on this day of love. A poem dedicated to a martyr’s young wife:

We hugged on Hug Day
I kept a gift for you on Teddy Day

I had chocolates you gave on Chocolate Day
I left a rose for you on Rose Day

We kissed, (secretly) on the Kiss Day
I had tears in my eyes.

Now the day of love is here,
But, my love, you are not there.

You said you will come back,
But then, never knocked on my door.

You said you loved someone else,
I know you are with her for sure.

But I have your greatest gift of all,
Our daughter will be three, this fall.

She asked me what’s Valentines Day,
I had tears and no words to say.

‘Cause, you, my love, have away,
Far to a land where the martyrs lay.

I knew you must have been such a brave heart,
When you left us last summer and went very far.

I look at your picture, you always smile back at me,
I still keep a red rose, I know that you can see.

I was standing alone, no one by my side,
I remember how you wished me every Valentine.

Like you whispered in those wonderful years back in time,
Our daughter murmured in my ears, “Will you be my Valentine?”

Hope and pray that this day of love is never ‘put out’ from their lives.

Let the power of love win over all the struggles of life!



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