Why do I use Social Media and how HootSuite helps?

“Relationships are about two individuals who maintain their own lives and create another one together.”

And that’s exactly what I do on social media. That is what you do and everybody does.

CONFUSED? But give a nice thought and you will realize why.

Before going deep into the topic, I would like to highlight some facts and figures:

According to a study by McAfee called Tweens, Teens and Technology 2014 :

  • 70% of online youth in India spend more than 5 hours on the internet in a normal week.
  • Internet access is still predominantly desktop based (41%), however, 36% use laptops and 27% use smartphones.
  • In terms of social networking platforms, Facebook is by far the most popular site used (93%), followed by YouTube (87%) and WhatsApp (79%). 10-12 year old social account users report higher daily access to Snapchat, Pinterest,
  • Tinder, Tumblr, and Vine than their teen counterparts, even though the minimum age to register to these social networking sites is 13 years.
  • An eye opening trend is that half (52%) of India’s youth even access their social media accounts while at school; 57% being 8-12 years old v/s 47% 13-17 year old.
  • Two-thirds (66%) of youth in India say they feel more accepted on social media than they do in real life. 72% feel important or popular when they receive a lot of “likes” on the photos posted of themselves in social media.
  • Keeping up to the social pressure, 64% even admit to have tried reinventing themselves online by  trying to appear older or creating a fake profile or posting photos that are not their own. Moreover, 46% say they would put themselves in danger to see more engagement/ activity on their posts (e.g., more likes, comments, shares or retweets).

The figures speak a lot about the importance of social media in our lives, especially the teens. However, there are alarming figures too which I am not stating here since it is out of the scope of this article.

But as we all know, social media is not just to make friends, chat or upload pics. It is a platform for making business, sharing experiences, building a customer base and building end to end relations. Now-a-days, the norm of business is not to sell your product but to sell your stories. And social media is just perfect to share your stories with your customers. Because, social media connects you to people and not just businesses.

Social Media personifies you. As rightly said by Charles Leadbeater, “You are what you share.” Social Media is like having a conversation with a huge number of audience on a daily basis.

Eric Qualman said, “Social Media has made the web all about, Me, Me, Me.” So you see social media is like your Image now, your brand value; leveraging social media to make an asset out of yourself is what the current generation is looking at.

Social Media is like a huge society or neighbourhood where we meet strangers, communicate, make friends with some, reject others, make business, express emotions, talk and share and build relations. Social Media is like an experience which you don’t want to miss in this digital age. Social Media is not being online or staying on the web; rather is it the web which connects you to news, views, opportunities and emotions.


Pic Courtesy: https://kayedacus.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/social-media-cube.jpg

Personally, I  do C-N-B-C on social media:

COMMUNICATE: I converse with my views, blogs, updates and lot more.

NETWORK: I network with friends, clients, associates and in turn make new ones.

BUILD RELATIONS: I build a relationship to exchange ideas, opportunities and create a community of my own.

CONNECT AND SHARE: I connect with whomsoever I want to and I share stories, events, my interest and lot more. I gather information about my interests, hobbies, or anything relevant to me. Being a mother, I could connect to thousand of other moms across the world over various online groups.

I use social media to EXPRESS, EXPERIENCE, EMOTE and EVOLVE. I created my brand, promoted my stories and made me more employable. Social Media fuels my image to make me an ASSET.

Today, social media is not just one thing, it is a gamut of different interests. And where there is many, you need management. And what better way to manage your social media than HootSuite.


Pic Courtesy: http://www.buzzysocial.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Hootsuite-Buzzy-Social.png

HootSuite is like a wallet, which organizes our social media cards. Names as the ‘Social Media Dashboard’, HootSuit manages, tracks, organizes and maintains social media channels. Over 20% of companies are using this today to manage their presence in different social media platforms. Three most important reasons how HootSuite helps to enhance the social media experience are:

  • Integration: The tool brings together all the social media streams under one roof. It removes the scattered approach and provides a platform to manage all in one application. Moreover, the app or the Hootsuite team manages all social media buzz at different levels, ensuring integrity, security and efficiency.
  • Cross Platform: HootSuitse can be used over any technology platform like iOS, Android, Windows and others and also over a varied number of devices. This also allows to post blogs, emails and others to Google+, which otherwise was only possible through the Google+ website or application.
  • Customization: One of the most important feature is the ability to provide periodic, customized reports based on the social media behavior. It helps one to track, analyze trends and take measure to improve social media patterns.

According to a 2013-14 survey on Social Media in the Workplace Around the World 3.0, around 88.46% of businesses are using social media for their business purposes, so HootSuite can be just the right thing for them.

Hence, HootSuite is surely the app to manage all he social media buzz- anything, anywhere, anytime. It is like the easy way to solve the social media Rubik cube!

Just a word of caution, Social Media is here to enhance your life in a way or two but do not make it your life. Build Relations but do not forget the ones you already have. Share stories, but not information that makes you vulnerable. Network with people, but with the right ones. Stay connected but, do not lose the connect with your life.


This post is for the Blogging Content organized by HootSuite APAC and Sourav Ghosh.




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