“Women like rape” – no words to react to that!

We like rape. We are willing. Outwardly we show displeasure but inwardly we enjoy. We like men who are expert in rape.

Rape is sometimes right, sometimes wrong.

Boy raping a girl is just a mistake.

We cross our morality and want to get rapes.

We go out in inappropriate clothes at inappropriate times to get raped.

We have no place in Indian culture, which is the best.

We should never resist being raped and not reach out for help.

My revised learning and induced reaction to the recent documentary which was not at all required in the first place. But then I think the good it did was to ignite the dormant uproar once again and tempted people to ask, Why are the rapists still breathing and talking?

An instant reaction was probably Dimapur incident where the rapist was lynched to death. If the authorities cannot do anything, common people will.

The views of the rapist and the defense lawyer comes as an eye-opener to every Indian that there is a big populations of ‘rapists in making’ and we can hardly stop it. Someone argues that though the documentary is in English, the interview has be featured in Hindi which might ‘encourage’ similar mentality but can a ban stop the thinking process of a rapist, can it prevent his beastly intentions?

I agree, the interview should not have happened in the first place but it happened because the man is still alive. Why ban to cover up one’s inefficiency in delaying his death sentence? I guess the documentary is like a reminder to the Indian Government that ‘please take action’.

And why just ban this documentary, ban all those ‘socially acclaimed verbal rapists’ who rape everyday with their insensitive, ridiculous and bizarre comments like those above. Its like ‘not tasting your won words before you spit them out.’

I had read the interview but was too disgusted to see the documentary. I did not want to see and add to the number of views and make him a celebrity. I was too numb. But this is not the only thing, banning which will improve the situation. There are thousands more. Making an issue of this is publicizing the rapist more but may be our Government tales the cue to silence him for good so that no such interviews happen again. The truth can never be banned, it all it is the truth.

And on second thoughts, who knows how much of it is true? Can it be staged? Can his family be promised help for uttering those words? Can it be just a media gimmick? Whatever it is, we should not be emotionally crippled by it rather keep fighting with a new zeal. Thanks to the filmmaker, she reminded us once again.

“Tomorrow is Woman’s Day and I won’t be surprised it some mentally-challenged politician or spiritual guru suggested we make it a Rape Day where women will celebrate rape.”

I guess the documentary will portray a wrong image of India’s daughter but sadly ‘true one’.

Ban the culprit not the victim. Ban the insensitivity not the medium. Ban the cause not the effect.


Pic Courtesy: http://cdn2.gurl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/rape-culture-scw.jpg


2 thoughts on ““Women like rape” – no words to react to that!

  1. So you liked the DIMAPUR lynching? OK, did you realize that he had an affair with the girl and d when he didn’t marry her she file d a rape case. This was a consensual sex termed as rape. Do you realize tomorrow even boys from your home may get such cases?

    • It is not that I like or approve of what happened in Dimapur but the reference is drawn only to stress on the fact that the Government needs to do something about it and bring the guilty to justice. As I have mentioned that the truth gets distorted and sometimes hidden and probably the wrong people gets punished– be it the victim or the falsely accused people. But, in cases like the Nirbhaya, where there was no chance of any hidden truth, justice got delayed and there are so many cases like this. But, probably not so guilty people like the one in Dimapur face the outrage of the people. Never in my article, I mentioned that I like that incident, it is just brought up as an example. And yes God forbid the day when boys from ‘anyone’s’ home have to face any such case. Let the law prevail and the ‘right’ criminals are accused, judged and punished within the right time frame.

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