I Hate My Mother…


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“A woman conceived me who gave me birth,

But, a mother, taught me to take the tiny steps on this earth.

A teacher taught me that three plus two is five,

But, a mother, taught me all the values of life.

A mentor taught me to take challenges head on,

But, a mother, taught me how to find the strength to move on.

A friend taught me to enjoy the moments together,

But, a mother, taught me to be true to myself forever.

A husband showed me a path of never ending love,

But, a mother, led me on a journey of self-respect and above.

My daughter made me discover myself once again,

But, a mother, taught me to smile both through happiness and pain.

Life taught me to make the choices I made,

But, a mother, told me  to follow what my heart always said.”

Well, you must be thinking, what kind of a person I am that I titled my post as “I hate my mother…”, though I started my post with a few good lines. Actually, by the time you have read my entire post, you will also start hating my ‘mother’, trust me.

Situation 1:

Me: Can I have one more piece of chocolate cake?

Mom: I don’t think so, you already had two.

Me: But, I like it. Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Mom: Ok, one last bite, no more.

Dad: How can you let her have so much cake? What will happen if she gets bad teeth?

Mom listens silently. They thought I was fast asleep in her room, but I overheard them.

I hate my mother because she would let others scold her or listen to them just because she cannot scold me or say no to me for anything. She loves her daughter so much that she will fulfill her wishes even if she is scolded herself for it.

Haven’t your mother done something similar too? I wish, I could have understood, stopped throwing tantrums and not got my mother scolded. I love her patience and perseverance of keeping me happy. And it is precious to me.

Situation 2:

Me: Where are you going?

Mom: Going to office, baby.

Me: But, I want you here with me. Please don’t go, come and play with me.

Mom (smiling): I know baby, that is why I am going to leave work and be with you always.

I hate my mother when she would give up all her aspirations and wishes just for me. She would sacrifice so many things in life, just because she cannot sacrifice my happiness. She would be there for me always.

Haven’t your mother done this too? I wish I could give her that life back where she could enjoy on her terms, find her dreams and make her choices. I love her simplicity to give up her dreams so that she can help me pursue mine. And it is precious to me.

Situation 3: 

Me (on phone): How are you, Mom?

Mom: I am fine, baby. How are you? Have you eaten properly? How long did you sleep?

Me: I feel you are not well. Did you go the doctor?

Mom: No, no, I am fine, baby. No need for doctor. Just a simple cough, will get well soon.

Me: Should I come home?

Mom: No, no, you don’t take tension. I will manage. See, talking to you made it better already.

I hate my mother for all those lies she would tell me over the phone just to assure me that everything is fine and I need not worry. She would make it sound that everything is fine, just because she cannot see me worried or stressed. She will always hide her pain.

Haven’t your mother done this too? I wish I was there for her, when she needed me the most. I love the way she would turn my every tear to a beautiful smile and hide her own to make me happy. And it is precious to me.

So, now you see what I mean when I say ‘I hate my mother..’. I probably regret the moments that I was not there for her to cherish rather than those which I had spent with her. Because they are anyways precious- difficult to express through the pen, just felt in the heart.

I will always keep in my heart the moments my mom made my favourite food when I came back from the hostel, the look on her face when got certificates for my studies, the zeal in her voice when I tell her about the accolades I got for my work, the eagerness when I cook a new dish, the tension when I had exams or when I was sick.

I DO NOT HATE MY MOTHER! I hate the fact that she might have made her choices in life differently only because of me. But, I guess, she doesn’t regret it and I should respect that too. I wish I had her patience, perseverance, dedication, commitment, creativity and enthusiasm to sail through life!

And moments, that are precious to me are ALWAYS, that I spend with my mother. I learn from her, she inspires me, motivates me and above all makes me realize that I am a good human being and continue to go good deeds in life!  She will always be my first friend, guide, crush, doctor, expert, advisory and love.

“God gave me life to come to this world,

But, my mother, gave me EVERYTHING I need in this world.”


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