At First Sight…I want to see LIFE!

I know how the trees feel, because they give me shade,

I know how the birds sing, because of the music they made.

I know how the rain feels, because it will pour on my face,

I know how the breeze feels, because across my ears it will race.

I know when the autumn comes, the sound of the leaves here and there,

And, I know when the monsoon comes, from the smell of the wet Earth in the air.

I know what cruelty is, when papa would beat my mother,

But, I also know what kindness is, when I am blessed by The Father.

I know what forgiveness is, when mother would hug papa even with a tear,

And, I also know how helplessness feels, when papa would pray in despair.

I know what a lie is, which I will tell myself everyday,

But, I also know what a truth is, which The Father in the church would say.

I know what friendship is when I held the tiniest piece of chocolate that Janny shared,

And, I know what fear is, when the sounds of thunder and barking dogs leave me scared.

I know how hate feels, when someone touched me wrong,

But, I also know how love feels, when my husband sings me a song.

I know how pain feels, when I heard the first time my mother cried,

But, I also know how happiness feels, when I feel a little life inside.

I know how the sunrays feel, when it shines back at me,

And, I also know how darkenss feels, when that is the ‘only’ thing I can see.

I know all the touches, everything my fingers can feel,

Yes, I ‘only’ know it all and feel it too, but my eyes cannot reveal.

I knew something was missing, as I could not see,

I knew I could not feel Life and like this it was meant to be.

Everything I ‘saw’ had just one colour and hue,

Yet, I wanted to see the red, the green, the yellow and the blue.

Then, a miracle happened in my life,

When I am going to be a mother from a wife.

But now, the pain is growing all the more,

All I want is a pair of eyes and nothing more.

I want to touch my baby’s face and see those bright lights,

I know that is what is meant by ‘Love at First Sight’.

Ask a mother, who cannot see- what first sight means to her,

When she just wants to keep looking at Life in her arms forever.


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2 thoughts on “At First Sight…I want to see LIFE!

  1. beautiful… be a mom… see your child for the first time ….the feeling is irreplaceable…the way you have brought out the ‘knowledge’ of other feelings is very nice….:)

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