PeeProvider- a practical solution to a common man’s problem! (a new solution to an old problem)

How many times have you been struck by Nature’s call at the wrong times?

How many times you had to search for a toilet in your road trip?

How many times have you been pacifying your child when he/she wants to rush to the toilet,, especially in the middle of highway?

Well, these are funny questions, but embarrassing moments and true problems. You might be smirking that what kind of a topic is this, but trust me as you read along, you will understand how the saying ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention” proves to be so true.

If you have faced the above situations or similar problems, just take a laugh at those past memories and cheer up that something new is here to help you solve such situations in the long run. A group of dedicated people with a knack of practical at Avignyata Inc., have made this ‘toilet problem’ much easy to deal with.

Avignyata Inc. is a Social Media Marketing Consultancy founded by brothers-in-arms, Moksh Juneja and Daksh Juneja. The idea was to create a marketing ripple for brands across social networks. What began as a 2 member team in 2007 has today, grown into a 30-member strong task force. With the growth of the internet as a medium of exchange, Avignyata (omnipresent) understands the need for organizations, individuals and brands to have a presence on social media.

Their team developed an app called PeeProvider. Sounds interesting, right. This app will be able to locate the nearest toilet based on the GPS location of your phone. You will also be able to add public toilets, which are not yet added.

This was designed, keeping in mind the practical and hygiene problem, we might face, when using public toilets. The app supports iOS and Android platforms. You can download it HERE.

It can be used to LOCATE a nearby public toilet, RATE a public toilet and ADD a public toilet. It strives to collate a huge database of information on public toilets, which can be made accessible to users, whenever required.

You can check out the complete details HERE. For details you can also write to

The application will eventually be available pan India. However, currently it is available in 14 cities namely –

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Pune
  • Jaipur
  • Ahmedabad
  • Surat
  • Bangalore
  • Goa
  • Agra
  • Chandigarh
  • Amritsar
  • Bhopal
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai

The toilets under the below categories will be listed in the app. Airport and few public toilets of the given 14 cities are already included. They will soon add other categories as well.

  • Airport
  • Coffee Shop
  • House | Office
  • Mall
  • Metro Station
  • Petrol Pump
  • Public Toilet
  • Railway Station
  • Restaurant

So, readers, take a look, download and use. Share your feedback and Spread the word. When, someone gives such a unique solution to an embarrassing yet important problem, it is worth a shot. This will be a really helpful app for everybody, especially for women in India. This will surely take us one step ahead in respect of better hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation.

My experience: “When I was approached by someone in the team to write about this, I was a bit lost in the beginning as to how to convey the message. But, when I downloaded and saw the features of the app and realized it might help me to, I was at it.”

This is just the beginning to a new Digital India, which will b e empowered with the right information at the right time at its fingertips. I guess, the questions will no more bother you now.

USE and SPREAD the word! And Kudos to the team for a ‘practical solution to a common man’s problem’.


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