Miss to Mrs.- something I will miss!


Pic Courtesy: https://40.media.tumblr.com/7ce32fa467d9c890466de837fb13e55d/tumblr_nc1w8rnnO41skqxv0o1_500.jpg

I leave my house today and headed towards a new life,

From a daughter, a sister and a girl, I become a woman and someone’s wife.

Mom says she will miss me like never before, when I am gone,

Dad said he will miss his darling too, and bro said guess he will also feel alone.

Someone asked me what will I miss, and my mind went racing,

Is it the same with everybody or is it something only I am facing?

A thousand things came to my mind, which I already miss,

Things, which gave me immense happiness and numerous moments of bliss.

I miss the way I would run out and dance in the rain,

I miss the way I enjoyed countless golgappas from the vendor down the lane.

I miss the way I would lick the last chocolate speck off the wrapper,

I miss the funny doodles with hilarious dialogues, I would make on paper.

I miss stealing sugar from the kitchen to feed the ants,

I miss dancing around the room with ice cubes in my pants.

I miss making silly little wishes with cookies under my bed,

I miss playing ‘stone, paper, scissor’ and ‘I am dead’.

I miss making dolls out of the bread dough,

I miss turning socks and shoe laces into nice little bows.

I miss being myself, the one I would always fall in love with,

The one who would cry and smile in the blink of an eye,

The one who hid chocolates from her brother and would also lie.

I miss being the ‘damsel in distress’ in the fairy land tale,

Waiting for Prince Charming, who will surely rescue me without fail.

I miss a whole lot of things more,

But, above all, I guess I miss my small, cozy den, just at the back of the door.

Today, I leave my house and go to someplace new,

But, it feels like it has been ages that I miss ‘myself’ that I knew.


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