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It was 6 pm and it was time for an entertainment break for 15 minutes. Everybody gathered around the television screen and waited for the remote to switch it on. Though they were so different, all of them loved the same thing, can you imagine?

But, among them, there are two souls, who didn’t just love watching, they worshipped. Guru and Hema were two little dreamers who wanted to create ‘history’ in the future. One with a crutch and another with her words, which she could not speak.

Yes, it was 6 pm and it was time for the much-awaited entertainment break at ‘Your Child or Ours’ orphanage for differently-abled children, located in Bangalore. And the kids loved watching the promos of new movies. The new ABCD 2 trailer has caught onto to many, especially Guru and Hema.

Guru lost his parents and one leg in an accident on the highway and since then, the orphanage has been his home. He loves DANCE; ironical to many, but he dreams to a dancing sensation one day- one of his kind, one with a dancing crutch. He might not be the one with the ‘right foot’, but he is surely the one with the ‘right moves’. He got his name from the amazing footwork he has, even with a crutch.

Hema was born dumb, her deafness is not so acute as others. She can hear faint sound, but all she wants to do is sing- her songs. She expresses her feelings, emotions, pleasure and pain through beautiful words, words right from her heart. She watches the songs on TV and figures out what is being through their emotions, their eyes and their lips.

Guru was truly inspired by the ABCD flick and other talent shows, which give artists like him a chance to chase their dreams. But, the competition is also fierce and opportunities are rare.

But, looking at their sheer determination and enthusiasm, God wanted to answer their prayers. An opportunity came when the ABCD 2 team decided to hold an event or a talent hunt for the un-privileged children in the city. They invited orphanages and child homes to participate in the event and get a chance to meet Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda from the ABCD 2 team. And, their orphanage was one of them.

The announcement came as a dream come true. Guru ran to Hema and told her about the event in gestures. The event was named FRESH – Fun, Recent, Energy, Sparkle and Happy. They defined these as the five pillars of freshness and they were looking for ‘fresh’ talent to give them an opportunity to prove themselves with their talent, to turn their ‘unfortunate’ present into ‘fortunate future’. Allu and Anushka will be there to judge, share their journey and motivate them in every way.

The next few days were tougher than preparing for exams. Guru practiced his signature moves, inspired by the ones he saw on TV’ managing the crutch was difficult, but he was determined to give his best.

Hema wrote beautiful songs, she knew she would not be able to sing them, but someone will. She believed she will be able to take her words to the mass.

The day of the event came. Both, of them had put on their best dresses- the ones they were gifted last time by Mrs. Gomes, being sponsored by a Company for Children’s Day. The day of their dreams is here, all it would take a moment before the judges, a moment that might change their lives, forever.

The venue was buzzing with children- each with a talent, each with a DREAM. They were assigned number tags- Guru was 10th to go and Hema 15th. Their eyes were eagerly waiting to see Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda make their grand entry.

Suddenly, curtains started to part and beats of ABCD 2 started to fill the ambience. The venue suddenly became noisy with kids clapping.

A figure appeared on the stage, hooded and hiding. The beats started to rumble, the feet started to move and the hands flew in the air with a flare. Guru could not wait and stood up with his crutches to greet Allu Arjun with a long blowing whistle. He unveiled and everybody burst into applause. For the next 5 mins, he set the stage on fire with his charismatic dance steps and gripping choreography. The entire crowd stood up, appreciating his energetic performance.


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Suddenly, a voice spoke from the background, “Chal Dhanno, Basati ke izzat ka sawal hai.” And, Anushka made her entry on a bike with the tunes of ‘Dance Basanti’. The crowd broke out with applause and whistles. Hema figured that Anushka must have hit the stage and was overwhelmed. She rocked the stage with the peppy numbers and impactful voice.


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Soon, the excitement and energy brought in my Allu and Arjun started to settle down and the talent hunt participants were being called one by one.

Guru was elated, when his name was called. But, fate had decided a harder test for him. He stumbled and fell with his crutch on the floor. The world seemed to come to a standstill. Tears rolled down his eyes. Hema was clapping, but stopped figuring something might ne wrong as no one was clapping.

She called out, “Guru, don’t be afraid. You are a star, so you will shine even in the dark.” The words hit Guru like a lightning. He found new strength in his foot and hands. He made his way to the center. His looked up to see Allu, right in front of him.

Allu asked, “Don’t be sad. It’s okay. So, what are you performing today? Will you sing?”

Guru replied, “No sir, I am gonna dance to your tunes.”

Allu was surprised and he was left dumbstruck, when the 8-year old moved across the stage with his crutch, creating magic. He could not believe, how truly differently-abled Guru was.

His standing ovation to the performance was worth his efforts.

Suddenly, Anushka whispered something to the host. He came forward and announced something. He asked the girl, who just spoke to Guru to come forward.

Guru went and helped Hema to the center of the stage.

Anushka asked, “So, what is your name? Did you just those on your own or you read it somewhere?”

There was a silence all around. Anushka started to ask once again. Guru answered, “Mam, Hema is deaf and dumb, but she wants to sing. That is why she writes- songs, poems. That is her talent, no one can express feelings in words better than her.”

Guru handed over the songs to Anushka, she could hardly believe what she read. Such soulful rendition of feelings and expressions left her amazed.

Guru and Hema’s talent got recognized as FRESH fun to watch, recent in composition, energizing in delivery, sparkling in nature and happiness in every form. They got felicitated by Allu and Anushka.

Finally, Allu and Anushka danced to the tunes of ‘Bezubaan Phir Se’ and dedicated it for all the children there, especially Guru and Hema. Allu and Anushka not only created magic and energy, but they charged the ambience with INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION.

Guru’s talent got recognized and he would soon be called for a talent hunt show. And, Anushka made a personal note of Hema’s composition to be used in her next album, with due credit to her.

By the end of the event, what they walked away with was immense appreciation and hope in their hearts that they can do it and never to give up on their dreams. Because, Any Body Can Do IT!

Now, that’s what I call a FRESH performance with FRESH mind and heart!

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