Snacks and Shakes!

Are you sad to see those unhappy faces when they look at food every evening?

Are you tired of your child telling you how other mommies makes yummy food and you don’t?

Are you browsing the net every afternoon to dig up a new recipe?

Are you feeling helpless when your hubby asks you, “Can’t you make something different?”

Are you eager to hear, “Wow Mom, this tastes awesome.”

Well, if your feelings fit somewhere in these questions, then the following post will surely help to erase them. If you want a pat on the back for your yummy delicacies, then the following recipes are up for grabs.

For a mother, wife or basically for any woman or anyone who cooks, the verbal and non-verbal feedback of the person eating the food is a big thing. For a mother, getting her toddler to finish their meal or for a wife to hear a word of appreciation from her husband always has a different sense of achievement.

Because a dish is not a platter of food, it has different spices of love, care, concern, sprinkled with the salt of dedication.

“I never cooked till I got married. But, when I got started with the sheer enthusiasm to make a palatable dish for my hubby, I wanted to make it with my full heart. Though I was quite naive in cooking, I managed to ‘cook up’ my first dish. What I got from my husband was both feedback and appreciation. I was motivated to do even better. Thus, started the journey of making yummy tidbits for my family.”

I am sure there are many more like me, who just want to take the first step into the world of cooking and explore. You must be wondering what to make or how to step on it. Well, what better than the mother’s recipe. You can always follow the step and innovate at the same time.

My first snack recipe was such an attempt and it was surely an easy one.

Grilled Sandwich: Well, this is nothing new, but you can surely add your magic to the fillings of the sandwich to turn it into a nice snack dish for your family. You can make a filling with aloo smash with little salt, coriander leaves, chillies (as required), lemon juice, chaat masala. You can also add boiled and smashed vegetables like green peas, capsicum, beet-root etc. Another healthy filling is cabbage-cottage cheese. Grate cabbage and cottage cheese, add salt and chilli as required and all lemon juice and chaat masala (if you wish).

The filling can also be made with chicken for non-veg sandwich. Boil and take shredded chicken pieces and add mayonnaise or sandwich spread with a little pepper and chili flakes. You can also add cheese if you wish.

The fillings are put between slices of bread and grilled in a sandwich maker. Easy, quick and healthy sandwiches are ready for the evening!

Kids are very fond of pizzas with loads of their favourite toppings and extra cheese. But, you can make it a healthy one with veggies and less cheesy yet mouth-watering.

Home-made Pizza: I am sure many of make pizza at home rather can ordering those expensive ones from outside. I am just sharing how I make it. Fry veggies like beet-root, onion, carrot, capsicum, beans, tomato and others you wish and add little salt, ginger, garlic, pepper and chili (as you want) along with a little tomato sauce. You can add little soya sauce also. Add grated cheese and oregano (if you wish). Don’t add water as these get boiled in the water, which come out from them. You can also add cleaned and boiled mushroom to this. You can use the same filling inside a burger in Sloppy Joe style.

You can use properly cleaned minced meat for non-veg topping. Then, add butter to the pizza bread and spread this on the bread. You can add round capsicum, tomato, thin babycorn strips, mushroom, olives and jalapeno for the topping. Add grated cheese on the top and put in the microwave. Better to use a proper oven, but if you don’t have one at home, chill! A microwave doesn’t do a bad job.

“The next recipe is a bit time and effort consuming, but quite a favourite in my house.”

Fish Croquette: It is a nice way to give fish to toddlers in case they are not very fond of fish in curries. Boil fish (preferably smaller Rohu as bigger ones might have little smell) and separate the bones completely. Check properly while you smash with your hand. Then, fry a little onion and add salt, little sugar, chilli (powder or green chillies), jeera powder and chaat masala (if you wish). Add the fish in the pan and fry a little bit so that all water dries up. Then, dry it and add boiled, smashed aloo. Keep the quantity of aloo less so that the flavour of the fish is more prominent. Add finely chopped coriander leaves too. In case, you feel the mixture is not tight, add a little bread crumb to make it tight. Then, make croquettes (you can change the shape if you want.

Beat egg in a bowl and dip these and then coat with bread crumb. Give double coating for better taste. Then, fry them and drain the oil. Yummy fish croquettes are ready to be savored. You can serve with sauce or mayonnaise.

The same thing can be done with veggies like grated  carrots, beans, beet-root and others. To this, add a bit more sugar and add roasted peanuts to taste. In case, you want to keep this completely veg, you can dip in besan batter instead of egg. In Bengali, we call it the ‘vegetable chop’.

These are a bit heavier snacks for the evening, but if you want to keep it light, I have a very simple recipe, which is easy and quick to make.

Bread Bhurji: This is easy to make, but yet delicious. Soak bread in water, squeeze all the water and keep aside. Use the bread without the sides. Then, fry onions in a pan and add the broken breads. Add salt and sugar to taste. Once, the bread is fried, yummy bread bhurji is ready to serve.

Other than this, sweet poha, vegetable salad with zucchini and mushroom, babycorn sticks, French toast are also easy to make in the least possible time. And, of course, home-made chowemein/noodles are always a popular and favourite option.

All the above recipes are easy to make with readily available ingredients. Try them out and share your feedback. No more worries what to make when your kid comes back from school or your hubby making a sad face. Also, let me know how you added your magic to make the recipes more delicious.

Last time, I had listed 5 Summer Cool Drinks you can make at  Home. Next time, will return with some easy sweet treats like caramel pudding, which you can make anytime with minimal ingredients.

See you next time! Till then keep making yummy, innovative yet healthy dishes with your secret ingredient called LOVE. 😉


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