Father’s Day has no significance for me- An ‘unintentional’ letter from a daughter to her father!

Dear Dad,

It’s been 4 years that I have got and now I have a year old daughter too. It’s been so long that I have met you since I stay in a different city. We speak almost everyday, but I hardly remember what we speak. I hardly remember how many times have I asked you ‘How are you, Dad?’ I hardly remember the times I have asked you if you have taken your medicines. I am so busy with my family and ‘my life’ that I am hardly able to keep track of your life.

I am not sure why am I writing this letter to you on this Father’s Day. We had spent so many Father’s Day together and I never did anything special for you. You and I never knew of a special day called Father’s Day, so why now?

I guess I am being more excited about my husband on his first Father’s Day; I have planned so many things for him on behalf of my infant daughter. Or I am being lured by these new gimmicks and hype about Father’s Day. Or, to be honest, I am writing because my blog needs a post this Father’s Day.

Well, whatever may be the reason, I am writing the truth from the deepest corners of my heart.

I have never asked you, how you felt when you first held me; actually nobody did.


I feel the safes in your arms

I have never asked you, how you felt when I first went to school; actually nobody did.

I have never asked you, how you felt when I got married; actually nobody did.

I have never asked you, how you felt when you bid me goodbye; actually nobody did. 

Actually, we presumed that you must have shared the same emotion like others. I am sure you would have been happy, but you never expressed.

I knew when you were angry, but I could hardly figure out the remorse after scolding or punishing me.

I knew when you were happy, but I could hardly figure out the tears of happiness, which rolled down secretly.

I knew when you were sad, but I could hardly figure out the pain, which you could not share with anybody.

I knew when you loved me, but I probably was never there to hear your words of appreciation.

I know I do not need a special day to LOVE you, HONOR you, APPRECIATE you, SUPPORT you!

I do not need a special day to HUG you, but still I haven’t done in in years, probably never.

Because, you were always that strong figure, who I felt never needed any support. You were always there to guide like a shining star. So, I never knew how to support you. I never knew you how to

I only knew to live up to your expectations because I know you always want the best for me. And that is why you have given me the best. You have relentlessly given everything to your family, you might have also given up your dreams for us.

You have given me so many things yet a HUG is all you expect from me. Will it be enough? Guess, now being a parent myself, I know, it is more than enough. J

What you have given us can never be re-paid or sufficed with the love on this special day with a meagre gift. So, Father’s Day has no meaning or significance to me. It is just one of those days when I feel grateful that you are my DAD and still look up to you in the hardest times of my life. I know you are always around the corner to help me.

This day is different because now my daughter has a father, whom she loves immensely and I could see as a third party the love and care that unfurls in a father-daughter relationship. And I am in awe of it. So, it brings back memories, emotions, moments, which I might have missed to never understood. Now, I probably know how it feels to be a FATHER of a DAUGHTER. I feel I see you through the eyes of my husband.

Well, I have so many more things to say, write and express, but I guess the letter is going too long. So, I will stop here and save the rest of my emotions for the next time I meet you.

Thanking YOU for those wonderful years that made me who I AM.                             

                                                                                                                 Your Loving Daughter

 P.S. I have never given any Father’s Day gift to you and guess I will never give. But, sending across HUGS and HAPPINESS you always deserved, maybe a bit later.

Also, sending a few lines for you, because that is what I do the best:

A pillar of strength and a man of conviction,

You always stood there, hardly expressing your emotions;

A woman’s first relationship with a man is you,

Before a wife and a mother, I was born a daughter to you;

You were the first superhero that I knew,

My Father’s Day gifts have always been due;

I know in my heart that the man you are,

A hug is all you expect from a daughter, who is so far.

You will always be the father, I will wish for,

Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day, from this loving daughter of yours.


I cherish all the moments we spent and clicked together

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgKaWMRtnBI


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