MyCity by Me- Can ‘reel’ be ‘real’?

“This town is a lonely town,
Not the only town like-a this town,
This town is a make you town,
Or a break you town and bring you down town.”

The eyes of the actors/characters glittered, when this Frank Sinatra track played in the movie Ocean’s 13. Each of them had a different emotion in their hearts, but they were all in awe of the impact of the town.

I guess, as truly indicated in the lines of the song, a town or city is a ‘make you or break you’ thing for many. And, for others, it is their home, for others, it might their love and of course, for many it is their only source of living.

We compare, contrast, complement and complain about the city we dwell in, but we connect and communicate with it in a thousand ways. We always say, “Wish I could shift here and there.” But, do we really want to because every city had its brighter and darker shades.

If you ask me about MyCity, I would say I want it to be the city of DREAMS. No, I don’t want to MyCity to be a Kingdom of Dreams or a fairyland. I want it to be a real depiction of my DREAMS.

D for Dreams. This will be a city of fulfilling dreams with opportunities, jobs, prospects. People will come with a dream, chase it and achieve it. The city will give its full support and provide the enthusiasm.

R for Recreation. This will be a city of fun and frolic. It will have a rich culture and will nurture talent. It will have amusement parks for children, centers for senior citizens, and anything that emits happiness, joy and fun.

E for Equality and Efficient. This city will be about equality, justice, and efficiency. Everybody will be able to do their jobs ‘just right’. It should be efficient to draw business from outside to grow and collaborate with others. This will be a city, where no one is derived and everybody has their rights.

A for Adequate Infrastructure. This city will have sufficient facilities for all- roads, sports grounds, water, electricity, power plants, greenery and all. It should have advanced technology on one hand and Mother Nature’s blessing on the other. It will be a city of economic prosperity and cultural excellence.

M for Memories. This city will create memories for everybody living in it. It will be able to laugh with a person as well as cry with a soul. It will depict every emotion. It will be a city of expressions.

S for Safe. This will is town of safety for all- men, women and animals. It will be a crime-less city (Just joking, I guess). But, it will have a strong law and order system to punish to wrong doers and provide justice for all.


The city, where I was born, might not be the city of my dreams, but it is the city of memories, so I connect to it with my heart.

The city, where I stay, might not be the city of my dreams, but it is the city of of living, so I connect to it with my mind.

MyCity is like ME as I believe in Walt Disney- “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

I guess, MyCity is like a tinsel town of fantasy or a set of the reel life. But, I would surely like to contribute, if and when the MyCity becomes REAL!

“This town will be a ‘make you’  town and a ‘ take you up’ town.”


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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