Do Re Mi of my Life!


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1982: When I came into this world, I heard my mother singing lullaby. Perhaps that is the first rhythm of music that touches me. I would open and close my eyes with the enchanting tunes of my mother.

If not songs, the sound of my mother calling my name is music to my ears. So, I guess that stays as the main background score of my life, till death.

1985: I started to listen to nursery rhymes and dance to the tunes of Jingle Bells and others. They became the background score of my childhood. They helped to learn, they made me sing, even though I didn’t have a melodious voice and of course they taught me to dream.

1990: I first saw The Sound of Music and the song Favourite Things- Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, made a mark in my heart, because of its simple depiction of a little girl to a young woman’s heart. Because, I would simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so bad. I made it the mantra of my life too. And this has stayed with me till date. This makes me remember ME and MYSELF once again amidst so many crowded thoughts, emotions and tensions of life.

After this, different melodies in different languages, eras and genres brought in the emotions of love, hate, friendship, happiness, remorse, loneliness, excitement, tragedy, etc. My heart would have a song for each and every moment it beats and every emotion it emotes. Music became any expression of the soul- both to listen and sing (I am a bathroom, bedroom and zipped lip singer though!)

1999: Then, came a phase, where I had to move ahead in life and prove myself- academically, and professionally. I heard the track-I had a dream, a song to sing by Westlife and it was so apt for my life. It narrated every emotion that I was going through at that moment. I had it in my music player and would listen to it over and over again to motivate myself. (Yes, I know, just listening to the song was not enough, rather the actions after that matters the most!)

2010: I had never fallen in love because I wanted to preserve it for the very special person in my life whom I will call my husband. Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love is what I dedicated him on our first night after the marriage. Though, we are old to behave like teenage lovers, but my heart still has this background score, whenever I see him. (I am definitely blushing, pardon me for that!) And it is not just for my husband, I fell in love with so many other things- my dormant passion for writing, my old guitar, old romantic songs, my newly found passion for cooking, my enthusiasm for travelling and so on.

2014: I became a mother from a daughter and a wife. A little twinkling star came into my life and shines high like a precious gem of my heart. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star returns as the background score of my life as I get to relive my childhood as I sing this to my angel. I guess this sweet, serene melody will remain a favourite background score for every mother till eternity. (Just guessing, though!)

Circle of Life from The Lion King: I guess this one track, which stays in my heart forever. I am a big fan of animations and The Lion King is my all time favourite. I have watched it like a hundred times and can watch a hundred more. Each and every message that movie brings forth is like a lesson for life. Each and every word of this song depicts not only my life, but I guess it is true for each and every human soul. Whenever I listen to it, it reminds me of my purpose of existence and how Life moves in circles to return what you have given.

There are so many songs that I relate to and that describes my life in a nutshell, these are the ones, which has inspired me, excited me and makes me remember who I am.

I am no lyricist, but if I had to give a unique tune to my life, I would love to add music to these words of mine:

The little steps, which came into the world had a long way to go,

With eyes full of dreams and a heart full of wishes,

I started my journey as a daughter and so much I wanted to know.

I kept on moving ahead and taking on life as it came,

With determination and motivation,

Then, I was too tired to move ahead as I searched aimlessly for fame.

Then, you came along and pulled me up and took me into my life,

With your arms around and your love,

You gave me new dreams and zeal to move, when you made me your wife.

As I started to feel lost again, a miracle happened and God gave a daughter,

With tiny little hands, who touches my face everyday,

I feel on the top of the world, when she calls me Mother.

The journey of my life will come to an end, one day,

With memories in my heart and music in my soul,

This is the song of my life and this is all I have to say.


6 thoughts on “Do Re Mi of my Life!

  1. You have some of my favourite songs too.. But it the first one I love the most.. mom calling my name. Loved it.

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