Who ‘took my breath away’?

I am not sure how creative I can be on this WOW prompt this time because these are my own experiences, which has left me ‘breathless’. These are incidents of the past and I still feel a speck of breathlessness, when I remember those yet they remain ‘unexplained’.

Actually, what I am talking about are ‘dreams’, which are so ‘real’ that it leaves a gasping for my breath.

2001: This is when I was staying in the hostel during my graduation. I had a single room and I had surely decorated it nicely with my stuff. Many would wish they would get a single room, but I was lucky enough. Being a single kid, I was in a mindset of staying ‘alone.’ Not that I didn’t like to share, but somehow staying in a single room had its own fun factor, privacy and boundaries.

As I said, till date I had never slept alone, so that part freaked me a bit, but I was assured that my flatmates are just in the next room, whenever I need them and vice versa.

As you know, entering the college for the first time means interaction, with seniors, hello mam-hello sir greetings, keeping a low profile and all that. I did not pay much heed to it and accepted as it came. However, for many it was quite an ‘overwhelming’ ordeal. One roommate of mine, who went on to become a very good friend of mine, used to really hassled and tensed with things in the initial days. She was a very down-to-earth person with a ‘quite’ personality- both in her voice and her presentations.

One particular senior developed a liking towards her and went on to propose her. She was taken aback and used to get really tensed with all this. She would avoid him as much as possible. Sometimes, she used me as ‘shield’ and try to come out of situations of confronting him. The senior, however, would confront me and ask questions about her and her feelings. I really disliked all this and I would outrightly tell him not to involve me in any of this. Both of us started to get irritated with his behaviour, but somehow managed to suppress our disgust.

One afternoon, after our classes, he confronted us and said he wanted to talk. We were in no mood, but he insisted. So, we spent some time in the cafeteria, listening to his one-sided proposals. However, we managed to break ‘free’ and returned to the hostel. We discussed and it was rather a hilarious one, but my friend just felt a bit nervous. We consoled and thought we will handle it the next day.

That night, I was fast asleep inside the mosquito net in my room. It was cold and I had my blanket almost covering my head. Suddenly, I started hearing voices, male and female, hushing sounds. I moved my blanket to see if any of my roommates were there. I didn’t see anything, anybody, it was pitch dark. Suddenly, there was a huge flash of brightening light and I was like blinded for a second. I managed to open my eyes and I saw ‘that’ senior in front of me. I was scared like never before and I screamed. My friends came running and saw me panting. I was sitting on my bed, it was around 3.30 am. I was at a lack of words and could not explain what happened. They said, “You must be dreaming.” Dreaming? But, it felt so real, so close.

Well, this was not the breathless moment, I am talking about. It was the one next morning. We used to have early classes. We reached college, but something was not right. People were no their classes, everybody was discussing something. What I got to know left me BREATHLESS. One of the students died last night in an accident. He was the same senior, I had seen last night, around the same time. I felt a chill down my spine, a lump in my throat and goosebumps all over my body.

2002: Well, I had many sleepless nights after this incident, but somehow I managed to recover and handle my fear. Actually, I never told anyone about this, except my friend. I guess, there was something more in store for me. It was a summer night and as usual, I had slept off early as I had early classes.  I was about to get another shocking dream, which was as ‘real’ as me.

I was inside my mosquito net with the fan at full speed as it was really hot. Suddenly, I saw two women- an older and a younger one, looked like a newly wed bride. Well, the older lady was her mother-in-law and somehow she was not very fond of her. So, she would find ways to demean her or torture her. The bride wouldn’t say anything and accept her fate. But, One day, she thought of revenge. Her mother-in-law said that he is going out and that she would complete all chores and make dinner. Then, something unexpected happened. The young bride grabbed the old lady and tied her to the chair. She said that she has already prepared dinner for her, which she has to eat. She went in and brought a bowl of water filled with red water. She asked the older lady to drink, but she refused and asked her what was that. She just smirked and said it was blood. The older lady freaked and started to scream. The younger girl pulled her hair and dipped her face in the bowl of blood and took out, with the most evil and wicked smile on her face.

I screamed, and again had the same feeling I had last time. My friend came and consoled me. I did not know why I saw that dream or who the people were, but I so prominently remember their faces that I can identify in thousands. But, this was not the breathless moment.

It came the next day, when I was travelling in a local bus to the city. I saw those faces in the bus, they were ‘real’ people and looked completely normal. I freaked and I was left BREATHLESS. I wanted to go ahead and ask, but could not gather the courage and had to get down, as I had already reached my stop. I stood there for a few minutes, transfixed to the ground, flabbergasted and choking. Was it the past, present or future, that I saw?

Well, I try my level best to forget these ‘dreams’, but their ‘reality’ still leaves me BREATHLESS.

2010: Well on a lighter note, there is someone special, who really makes me sing- Take my breath away in its truest sense. Well, none other than my ‘hubby’. I enjoy BREATHLESS moments with him in love (no pun intended), in fights, during games, during shopping (he spends more I guess, hehe), in jokes (I almost gasp for breath when he cracks those jokes), and of course moments of togetherness.

2015 onwards: I have spent BREATHLESS days since January this year. Want to know why? Because, I became a mother of a toddler:

Picture Pun33

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