5 Blogging Tips for Mommy Bloggers

“I remember, when I left my job a year back, I was sad, restless and thought that it was almost over. During my pregnancy, I thought of different things to do to keep myself busy. But, most of them didn’t work out. Then, one day, I found my old notebook with my poems in it. I read them over and over again, till I was convinced that I CAN. I can start writing once again, I can create wonderful memories with poems, stories and articles. I wanted to start over, for myself and for my child too.”

Earlier, the emotions, we used to pen down in our notebooks or diaries have a bigger platform. Now, you can communicate, connect and network with others with your feelings, views and opinions. Blogging is like a canvas, where the rest of the world can see whatever you draw. Blogging gives expression to your emotions, words to your feelings and a medium to take your views to the rest of the world. Your story is not just your own now, it is probably of someon’s, thousands of miles away or someone next door, you never spoke to. Blogging takes you to the world and brings the world to you!

“I started my blog in mid 2013, which was like a time killer during my pregnancy. I kicked off by putting my old writings into a blog. I didn’t have much idea about the world of blogging. But, gradually, I started putting articles, quotes, poems in my blog. It was like an online diary. Gradually, I saw people visiting my blogs, reading my articles and liking. Initially, I wrote general articles, not parenting one I mean, because I was still to enter the world of parenthood. And the anticipation of it, brought out my feelings from my heart to the laptop screen.”

Blogs bring out your innermost emotions- happiness, fears, belief, etc. It is not that you would want everybody to know about them, but it gives a platform to express it in a way you feel comfortable. Blogs sometimes, gives you relief from your entangled emotions, and at times it might be your best expression. It might be the language of your introvert heart, while it can be a striking tool for your rebellious mind. It can your favourite past-time or a platform for your literary excellence.

“I have been blogging for quite some time now. Through this journey of blogging, I saw myself following the mantra of ‘learn, un-learn and re-learn’. I write. I read. I share and I network. Becoming a mother opened up new genres of writing like parenting and experiences. I started writing guest blogs for a couple of parenting sites. I also started my work from home job as a freelancer in content and creative writing. I got names like Mommy Blogger, Mompreneur, but at the end of the day, it was all about sharing experiences, memories and stories.”

Today, I would like to list few blogging tips for Mommy bloggers, which might be helpful for you to make your articles interesting and easy to read. These might be nothing new, but might be beneficial if you apply them consciously in your articles.

An interesting kick-start is important: Keep the title of your article catchy so that it invokes intrigue and curiosity. You can use contradictory titles or catchy phrases. If it is informative ones, mention ‘5 healthy snacks for kids’ as in specifying the number they can expect and use adjectives. Overall, make the title interesting, so that readers are intrigued to read the matter inside.

Share your story: Readers are looking for real life stories and experiences rather than just information, which they can find anywhere over the net. So, share your views, your problems, reactions and solutions. Whenever you are mentioning your part, put them in italics, quotes, bold or a smaller font than the rest as in distinguishing or highlighting them in the article. Readers, especially mothers could relate to such situations and would love to read your solutions or opinion. In case you are mentioning about sensitive things like some medical problem or baby food, etc., it is advisable not to mention medicine names explicitly as different people might have different regimes. So it is best to mention that this had worked for you, but mention lines line ‘It is always better to consult the doctor or Please check with your pediatrician about the condition and take prescribed measures.’ It is important to let the reader know that it is your experience and they might have similar problem or issues, but the solution might vary from theirs.

Make proper sections: When a reader starts reading an article, they probably want to browse to relevant sections directly. So, it is important to properly divide your article under specific headings or sections. You can either use bullets or make interesting sub-headings and mark them in bold. It is better if you decide on the flow of points such that one leads to the next or important points are taken up first. Each part should be meaningful and encompasses 2 to 3 points together, so that bulleted sections are not more than 6 to 8 at the maximum. Avoid making your articles too lengthy, but try to club relevant points in the sections.

Use stylish literary devices: These devices can really make your article interesting and give the desired tone from humorous to generic to thriller. Use quotes to start or proverbs, alliterations, similes, narration or conversation, oxymoron, analogy, eulogy (if required), euphemism, personification, tautology, and a lot more. The list of literary devices is quite extensive and you can use one or more throughout your article as required, to make interesting ways to convey your message. These are your tools, which brings out the message beautifully and makes it easy for the reader to interpret things in different ways. However, these devices might not be too useful in informative article, but they are an added advantage, while writing poems, thrillers, fictions, short stories or even bringing out a social issue or situation. They empower the writer with illustrations and tactful depictions of his/her ideas, while engaging the reader in a sheer pleasure of reading and flow of the content.

Give action points: Your article is like information on something that the reader might want to do after reading it – it can be an action or a food for thought. So, relate the beginning and the end of the articles. Draw the same reference in the end, which you had mentioned in the beginning and try to give an action take-away in the end. Actually, you can mention such words like to do, try, urge under each sub-section or if you are suggesting a way, give examples of how a reader can do that and always urge the readers to try it out. Mention things like share or let me know or tell your experience so that the readers feels encouraged and relates to the article more through a sense of interaction.

There are other things that you need to keep in mind pertaining to choice of relevant topics, length of the article, grammar check and sentence construct, reference links, image credits, etc. However, inculcating these smaller details in your article can surely make it an enjoyable read with a powerful impact.

“Now a almost blog regularly- for my own blog or guest blogs. There are various ways to optimize the traffic to your blog also. Probably, the next step is to concentrate on those and focus on increasing the reach. I track the stats of my blog on a regular basis and strive to take necessary measures to attract more readers, However, personally, I would like to get the content right, which satisfies my emotional hunger first rather than just writing to increase the number of visitors. My wish to make my articles useful, helpful, relevant, informative and close to a mother’s heart.”

So Mommies, keep blogging and sharing your wonderful experiences!

Let me know if these were helpful. Do share your blogging tips as well. Because the more we share, the more we can learn.

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