The Indian Cinderella!

Remember the Hindi serial, which became a huge hit almost more than a decade back- Jassi Jaisi Koi Nehi or for instance the original Ugly Betty.

There were no step sisters, but people tried to pull her down. She was ‘supposedly’ ugly, but was kind and virtuous. Armaan Sir, the Prince Charming portrayal, surely developed a liking towards her, but as far as I remember, Jassi aka Mona Singh transformed into a ‘beautiful’ Cinderella by the end of the show and happily lived ever after.

I remember a similar serial called Lagi Tujhse Lagan, where the main protagonist turns beautiful to give a happy ending to the serial.

There are so many similar examples. But, there is always a beautiful face behind the ‘ugly’ initial looks. But, I ask WHY?

Will the entertainment industry accept a real Jassi for their show?

Will any of the groom’s family first look for an ‘ugly’ bride for their son?

Will you want an ‘ugly’ boyfriend/girlfriend?

Well, the Indian Cinderella probably still needs to be ‘pretty’ even though ‘kind, virtuous and courageous’ to be chosen by the so-called ‘Prince Charming’ of the society.

However, the new Indian society is breeding a class of princes, who would want ‘an ugly yet virtuous Cinderella’.

Being ‘ugly’ or ‘beautiful’ is not just an adjectives, there are relative terms and depends on one’s own perspective.

Well, being dusky might be ‘beautiful’ to someone, however ‘ugly’ to others. As in, we need an ‘ugly’ to denote a ‘beautiful’, right?

In the fairy tale, pretty Cinderella was a fair, lean and ‘beautiful’ girl, but who said pretty has to be fair and not dark, lean and not bulky.

Prince Charming will start choosing the ugly Cinderellas or even ugly Stepsisters, when they understand the true meaning to ‘beauty’. They should have an equally beautiful and wise heart and they are seekers of love and not just beauty.

Society will accept Indian Cinderellas in her true beauty once we can overcome the discriminating mindset. Cinderella would have been incomplete without her step-sisters, so we need to accept both.

“To be frank, I am an ugly Cinderella- one who is not pretty, beautiful, lean or fair. I am calling myself Cinderella because there was a time, when I was  caged in my own negative emotions and my step-sisters aka loneliness and pain took over my life; I wanted to break free. But, my Prince Charming (my hubby) chose me and I feel proud of being myself today.”

I guess it is time that Cinderella and her step-sisters make their own choices on how they want to be and who to choose as their Prince Charming.

Time for Prince Charming to lose a shoe, I guess, and Cinderella or the step-sisters will find him anyway. Let the choice be ‘theirs’.

Long gone are the days when Prince Charming (if at all he is that charming), had the choice only to choose the ‘pretty’ Cinderella. The ‘ugly’ Cinderella would be a better choice with all her virtues. Because, life is not a ‘fairy tale’ and it isn’t a ‘fair tale’ too.

Life is hard and when reality bites, everyone has to face it- Stepsisters, Prince Charming and Cinderella!

A fun pun in the end (no disrespect intended for anybody):

Cinderella: Prince, will you still love me if I was ugly and my step –sister was pretty?

Prince Charming: Yes of course baby, KYUNKI DAAG ACCHE HAI aur mera Pyar saccha hai.


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This post is for the IndiSpire (IndiBlogger) prompt this week: What if Cinderella was ugly yet virtuous, kind and courageous and her stepsisters were pretty, yet ruthless and mean? Who would the Prince choose?


4 thoughts on “The Indian Cinderella!

  1. This is an interesting perspective. Surely, agree and beautiful are merely adjectives which are relative. As it is rightly said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

    I believe there are no ugly people, just beautiful people with their own side of stories 🙂

  2. Hahaha, the ending is too good. I love this perspective and this is how the world should be…after all, we ourselves created these biases and terms and we can get rid of them for good.

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