Yeh Koi ‘Bachchon Ka Khel Nahin’

The other day, my hubby came back from the office and found me and my toddler solving a picture puzzle. When it took us about half an hour to solve the complete puzzle, my husband came into the room and said, “Kya bacchoan jaise itna time se puzzle solve kar rahe ho?”

My toddler, who was taking keen interest all the while, looked at my husband and said in a firm yet really cute voice, “Papa, yeh koi bachchon ka khel nahin.”

A few seconds of silence and both of us just laughed aloud.

We, as parents, do so many things that qualify as BachchonKaKhelNahin. Still, we do quite easily and efficiently, and that too within our human limitations. Many feel that they do ‘these’ for their kids because as parents, they are expected to do so. But, I guess the hidden feeling within is to keep their kid’s life a ‘Bachchon Ka Khel’ even if they have to do things that are not ‘Bachchon Ka Khel’.

Frankly, for me, putting my Bachha (my daughter) to sleep is BachchoKaKhelNahin. I have been at it since birth and I feel,  I still haven’t mastered it. The only other person, who is qualified (I put it as a great achievement) to do so, is my husband. Rather, he is the one do does it BareAaramSe. He is like the certified ‘putting the infant to sleep’ badge holder. But, as a toddler, I have taken up the task and trust me, ‘YehBaccheBahutSayaneHai’. The moment I feel, she had dozed off and I want to sneak out of the room (to catch the last minute glimpse of my favourite serial), her eyes look at me wide open. I really cannot express the agony of that moment in words. I am sure, fellow mothers also might have similar experiences too.

My daughter is like a ‘small power-house’ of energy, who is never tired. So, putting her to sleep, especially during the night, is truly not a ‘BachchonKaKhel’. She is so energetic and full of life that she can just stay up more than any of us. At times, we almost turn breathless, trying to control her.

To tame her un-paralleled energy is of course not a child’s play. We have to think of so many tricks and trades to make her sleep. My husband had to literally swing and sway with her in his arms to make her fall asleep. And, guess what, it would just have to be him. She wouldn’t fall asleep if someone else did the same thing. I thought how hard could it be, but now I know that was Bachchon ka khel nahin.

As a toddler, she is more mischievous. I have to sing a few particular songs and rhymes, make funny caricatures and what not to put her to sleep. But, every time, I have to be innovative with them. She wouldn’t fall for the same thing for more than a couple of days. And, at times when you feel that she might be sound asleep, but the moment I get up from the bed, she will turn and say, “I am very much awake, Mamma.”

Well, there are many such incidents and moments in parenthood, when you feel that raising a bachcha is ‘BachchonKaKhelNahin’ and that is why we adults, have been put to the task- when, we have to be both a kid and an adult to understand and manage situations.

At times, bachchon ka khel itself like solving puzzles, making a Lego or many other things seems like bachchon ka khel nahin.

So parents, better gear up and prepare yourself for tough roads in life where anything related to your kid might feel like BachchonKaKhelNahin. But, no worries, you brave hearts will surely make the rules of this ‘khel’ to make it a ‘Baron Ka Mazedar Khel’, where they can just excel. (pardon my Hindi spellings).

See this amazing new ad from FirstCry- TVC, where Big B himself explains why shopping for kids is, BachchonKaKhelNahin. I loved this concept because it is perceived that parents do everything with ease and that everything can be done easily, but it is not the case.So much of deliberations, thinking, choosing, arguing, comparing, deciding, and lot more goes into buying a simple things for our kids from a diaper to a dress because ‘we want the best for them’. Also loved the scene with a little angel because that is something I have experienced while deciding the dress, the shoes the accessories for my little princess. And, why not, they will be always bachcha for us and we will always choose the BEST for them.

I have been to so many times for shopping needs and trust me I have been able to choose the best for my kid- like baby high chair, dresses, shoes and accessories. So, check out some of the best products for your kid at this amazing one-stop online shop and you will love what they have to offer.

Some picture fun moments of ‘BachchonKaKhelNahin’ moments with my daughter:

Picture Pun21Picture Pun16Picture Pun33Picture Pun38Picture Pun31Picture Pun30Picture Pun 9



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