15 ‘Strikingly Different’ Vintage Ads!

What do you watch the most on television? Serials? Music Channels? News?

Guess what? What do you watch the most are Ads. The ads make you smile, they make you laugh, they can even make you frown or maybe a little sad. Ads make you think and act. They affect your conscious, un-conscious and sub-conscious mind as well.

Ads have evolved over time from black and white to color and 3D ads; from stills to video ads; from direct to subtle ones; from quirky to the classic ones.

The visual impact of modern video ads is quite different from the print ads of today and yesterday. Take a look at these vintage ads featuring womanhood or motherhood in some way or the other. They will surely make you ‘THINK’. You might find the weird, crazy, innovative, simple, nice, touching or anything yet ‘STRIKINGLY DIFFERENT’.

  1. Guess who was the youngest 7Up customer. Modern day moms, please beware.


      2.  Glad this shocking infant therapy doesn’t work these days.

            2     3. Smoking Kills, but Not Moms. Look who says so?


  1. Look who can use Daddy’s shaving kit once in a while, but what will they shave?


  1. Gentle Cigarettes? Take a look at what the Ad says.


            6. This one is ‘Kool’ and touching.


  1. Smart Ads for the Target Audience with Real Life Models.


  1. Truly Comforting Husband!


  1. Contrasting Husband.


  1. ‘Beer’ with us!


  1. It’s Pause Time, Mom!


  1. Husband’s Love and Stockings.


  1. Nursery Rhymes!


  1. American Airlines- a beautiful concept!


  1. Too Wild, I guess.


 Do you have a list to share too?


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