IndiMeet Experiences: Flipkart-IndiBlogger Meet, Bengaluru!

August 1, 2015 was an amazing start to the weekend with the Flipkart-IndiBlogger Meet at Hard Rock cafe, Bangalore. I was really thrilled and overwhelmed to be a part of the event. It was all about- networking, discussions, meeting new people, making new friends, fun and games, goodies, and of course an inspiration to continue what we are doing. The venue was booming, rather steaming with energy and enthusiasm.

Though, I joined in a bit late, but from the time I attended, it has been an enlightening experience. I am not so well known in the blogger’s world and do not know many people. This was apparently my second blogger’s meet, but it was so engaging and entertaining. The last Dabur meet was also nice, but IndiBlogger team was not there, so the event was more commercial. Though it had its own flavor, but probably the core essence of a blogger’s meet was missing.

I had missed the second meet- Word Up 2015 due to a family emergency, and regretted it a lot. But, meeting the IndiBogger Team and so many other bloggers was truly exciting. We also got to meet two of the authors (Parmita Bohra and Varsha Dutta) of the book, 10 Love Stories, recently published by IndiBlogger. Getting a free copy of the book, duly signed by the authors and clicking pictures was an icing on the cake.

Amidst, talks and exchanges, we also played an exciting game in groups with the Flipkart App, which was a part of their new concept and campaign- Point. Shoot. Buy.  It was fun being a part of the game (of course with a bottle of beer and yummy appetizers). We interacted, introduced ourselves, exchanged ideas, shared opinions and above all, we learnt a lot and came to know about other members of the IndiBlogger family. Attendees also got vouchers for Best Intro and other categories.

Loved every part of it.  The team activity was a good idea where people who never knew each other came together, broke the ice and participated. Our team Flipkartoons came in the third position among the five teams in the game.

After the game, we enjoyed the HRC signature dance and became a part of it. Anoop from IndiBlogger team kept the event lively and engaging. Kudos to the entire IndiBlogger team for planning, organizing and executing this gala event in such a pompous way.

Looking forward to such interactive and informative meets in the future, which is a great platform for networking, listening to stalwarts of blogging, gathering information, and of course the giving loads of fun and frolic. Definitely, a stress-buster too in our mundane, daily lives.

Alas, I don’t have any pictures to put up. Hopefully, IndiBlogger team will share some images. Looking forward to it and once again thanks to the wonderful team of IndiBloggers and the sponsors, Flipkart.

See you soon, friends, in the upcoming meets! Hope few of you, with whom I interacted will remember me.

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