My Child Has A Dream – Can I Help?

Mama, I will a tennis player, one day or a badminton player, or a boxer. Mmm, I can be a singer too or even a doctor. I can be a…

Baby, calm down, you are only two?

Who, me? No mama, I am already twelve and I have not decided what I want to be. Have you decided what you want me to be?

No, I haven’t. I startled.

I had this imaginary conversation with my toddler, as I watched her looking pictures in a book. I thought she wanted to be a doctor; she loves doctor’s play kit. Then, again, she likes her Mechano set too, trying to build something, so why not an engineer? She likes murmuring those songs, she hears (not very clear, but she tries), she likes to scribble doodles too – OMG, she likes so many things, but what does she LOVE? Is she passionate about something? Is there something she wants to be the most? Is she showing interest in something particular?

But, she is only TWO?

Well, guess when we become parents, we get someone to control even though we might have lost control of our lives and our dreams. But, our child’s dream is not ours as in we are the facilitators, and not the moderators.

I am yet not sure what my daughter dreams to be, but I am sure that I will always be by her side- supporting and guiding her to fulfil her dreams. I can only anticipate what she wants to become, but in reality its her to decide and do.

An early start is important to understand and plan for the road ahead. Our decisions today will surely affect her achievements tomorrow. An early start doesn’t mean that you start planning now what your son or daughter will be doing 5 to 10 years from now. It is more about giving them a strong foundation for them to put their dreams on.

My daughter might choose to become anything in her life, can choose any career or profession to follow, but I will provide the basic foundation for her to succeed-

I will instill basic life lessons.

I will inculcate strong values of lifehonesty, dedication, trust.

I will teach the proper code of conduct and behaviour.

I will invest in her today for her better tomorrow.

I will motivate her to dream and explore.

I will make her follow her heart and choose what she wants.

I will show her what is right and what is wrong.


What is an early start?

An enlightening education is an early start.

A healthy family environment is an early start.

Giving her options rather then orders is an early start.

A passion in the heart is an early start.

Our investments are an early start.

Believing in my daughter is an early start.

Letting her scribble whatever she wants is an early start, letting her explore is an early start.

And, above all, letting her make mistakes and learning from those is an early start.

Am I actually doing something for my child’s dream?

To be frank, I am trying. I am trying to dream with her. I am trying to explore options. I am doing my best as a parent to give her a secure, independent, fulfilling and steady future. And, independence is not only in terms of finances, but in terms of decision, options and confidence.

My child has a dream and I can probably help her achieve it. So, both of us are doing out bit, I guess- she dreaming and me telling her stories of how dreams come true. Something like what Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Pay close attention to your child’s interests and nurture his talent early in life. You never know, he might be the next Sachin Tendulkar. Invest in your child’s future.


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