MINI MOMENTS – August 14, 2015!

Thanks everybody for spreading the word and the overwhelming response for ‘Mini Moments’. Keep writing!

Thanks to Shipra Trivedi and Suman Magaji Kumar for their wonderful contributions for Mini Moments, this week.

Mini Moments5

Mini Moments6

Mini Moments7



4 thoughts on “MINI MOMENTS – August 14, 2015!

  1. Yeah, I’m clueless.
    No, I’m not speechless.
    I think you’re misunderstanding
    my misunderstanding.
    This misunderstanding…
    it drives me insane!
    The words that i’m feeling are causing me pain.

    A deep breath in.
    I don’t understand.
    Just let me think
    and let me ponder.
    Your wondering now is making me wonder.
    Do I need to act tall?
    Do I need to pay attention?
    If I don’t really care, it won’t put me in detention…

    It’s as if your words pass through me like a breeze.
    Give me a minute and I’ll understand.
    All I want is to hold your hand.

    So hold mine too.
    That’s all it takes to understand.

    So look me in the eye and hold my hand.

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