2-Minutes of Your Time, PLEASE!

10 seconds to think about it,

Words, rhymes and sentences that will fit,

Another 20 seconds to write it down,

Oops! Edits, deletes, where to put the verbs and nouns,

Next 30 seconds, goes reading it over and over again,

Oh, I have been dying to write this, God knows since when,

Following half a minute, to put it in my blog,

Oh, I enjoyed writing this, and wish people will also hog,

Next, it goes on the IndiSpire list,

 I checked again, if there is something I missed.

In the last 30 seconds, I keep checking if there is something new,

You know right? Likes, comments, votes and how many views,

Soon the list will be flooded with poems,

Hurry! Give it a read and please do leave a note,

If you like my 2-minute poem, don’t forget to send in a vote.


Image Courtesy: https://keepitshortandsweet.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/cropped-kiss-wp-header.jpg

This is for IndiSpire prompt:

Write a 2minute poem! Yeah Heard right! An INSTANT 2-minute poem,a simple,sweet,nicely rhyming poem,playing with words,not hard but easy,funny and cool,a relief to your mind,not to grind,but to find,a solace and some peace


10 thoughts on “2-Minutes of Your Time, PLEASE!

  1. haha.. that’s great job there.. and it’s not random. So Kudos. (I jumped in here with maggie in my head 😉 but I am glad I got to read a simple poem and it was fun. Thanks for sharing)

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