Too Old To Chase..Is It?

I chased butterflies when I was three,

By five, I chased the dreams, I used to see.

At seven, I used to chase, Bholu, the dog, down the lane,

I even chased small paper boats, along the drain.

Soon, I was chasing my scores on the test,

I was told that I had to be the very best.

Then, I started chasing good grades all the time,

Soon, I forgot to chase the things I loved, as I had no time.

Soon after, I was chasing my way up to the top,

I had to run faster or else I would be termed as a flop.

Then, I was chasing my teachers, with my project file,

I admit, I even chased a girl in my college for a while.

Then, I was chasing all opportunities for the right job,

It was like chasing ‘something’ through a huge mob.

Then, came deadlines, appraisals and goals,

Chasing them made me go out of control.

Then, I was chasing promises made to a special someone,

Soon, I was chasing little feet and it was definitely fun.

Now, I am chasing my way down again,

As, I missed a lot of things on the way up and chased a lot in vain.

 Now, I want to chase ‘happiness’ for once

Don’t forget the things you would love to chase, leave aside the loss and the gain.

While, I get back to chasing those colourful butterflies once again.


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