‘2ToFreedom’ – Sneak In to see what these Wonderful Women created!

“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.”

In an attempt to find both freedom and happiness, a few women came together to create something new, innovative and exciting. Womanhood is not just motherhood or professional careers, it is discovering YOU once again. These wonderful women created WOW memories, to cherish for life.

Women from two groups Women’s World and Momzspace, both administered by Nidhi  Pathak, founder of Momzspace, decided to find their freedom and happiness with each other. We created an event called ‘2ToFreedom’, where we made teams of 2 people, where they had to ‘create something new’.

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The event started in August, and the excitement was on till September. Teams geared up to participate in ‘2ToFreedom’. They were told to discuss, brainstorm and come up with something that depicts them both – something which they both like and something which they would love collaborating on.

It was great to see their enthusiasm and excitement. We had labelled this event as a great way to bond with fellow members and each to know each other better. We concluded this event on September 10 and received wonderful things from two teams- Kalar/Colour Kannadi (Aparna and Priyamani) and A Square (Anitha and Ashwini). We were completely bowled over by what they did, that too without physically meeting or formally knowing each other.

A snapshot of what Kalar Kannadi made: An Art Journal

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Sharing their experiences on this, Aparna and Priyamani said, “Thank you, we enjoyed every single bit of this work; the phone calls  and WhatsApp messages which bridged our friendship since the day we met at ABC. We have known a lot more about each other over these few weeks. The days have been busy as always yet we set aside some time to do a little bit of art which gave us the freedom to be ourselves.

Why we choose ART? We both love art. It gives us the freedom to express in the most enjoyable way.

Why we chose the name Colour Kanndi? The mirror reflects whatever it captures as it is. To us, friendship is a mirror that reflects many aspects of ourselves to one another. Colour adds life to our lives. It inspires us, energizes us, encourages us and we love to express ourselves through various shades and hues of colours.

How did we integrate Colour Mirror Art? The result is our Art Journal. We thought we would continue to contribute and capture more memories and artworks into it continually, as and when we could.

A snapshot of what A Square made: An eStorybook


Click here: Bubble’s Trouble – by Anitha and Ashwini

Sharing their experiences on this, Anitha and Ashwini said, “We have co-created a storybook for children titled “BUBBLE’S TROUBLE”. Anitha has written this beautiful story while I have created the illustrations for this cute little book. We loved working together and exchanging ideas.

Why did you choose to participate in 2ToFreedom? Anitha said, “I chose to participate in 2ToFreedom because I loved the concept of working with someone I didn’t know at all! That builds a lot of curiosity and anticipation of the outcome.” Ashwini said, “Honestly, the reason I chose to be part of “2ToFreedom” is to make a new friend and to learn something new. Wherever there are two like-minded people, friendship is bound to happen.”

How was your experience in 2ToFreedom? Anitha said, “Here’s what happened, when I connected with Ashwini all over the phone and thank god for WhatsApp – we were cordially greeting each other and of course, I had to find out something about her, we got talking and instantly connected like paper and glue. We immediately knew our strengths and decided to work on a story. Honestly, Ashwini was absolutely supportive and encouraging and now we look forward to catch-up for a real cup of coffee. She gave valuable suggestions and went ahead with this. If I can speak for both us ‘we let each other have the freedom to create’.

Ashwini said, “Like Anitha said, we connected with each other immediately and came up with a plan. I was awed by Anitha’s ability to create such a beautiful story in less than 24 hours. Now, I had to match her talent and create the illustrations. I would make these illustrations, page by page, and send it to Anitha for review and she would immediately give me some suggestions and encouragement. That’s how we could finish this on time. Quoting Anitha here – “Yes, we let each other have the freedom to create something so beautiful”.

What were the challenges faced? Anitha said, “In terms of challenge, I hardly have anything that jumps out. ‘A Square’ was bending ways to make a perfect team 🙂 The end result is something I never expected, I’m absolutely overwhelmed and must thank you for giving us this experience. Thanks to you Ashwini for making this story come to life.”

Ashwini said, “Challenge was to find enough time to draw the illustrations and paint them, in between my work, my daughter, art classes and all the regular stuff. But it was a great experience nevertheless.”

It was a great endeavour and hope the participants enjoyed in every way. I guess, different challenges kept many from completing their projects, but kudos to all the lovely ladies, who tried their best. And, loads of applause to both the teams, who created wonders, overcoming all challenges.

Thanking Nidhi for the opportunity.

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Wishing everybody a happy and prosperous life ahead.

Meet those ‘amazingly talented women’, who came together to find freedom through happiness:

Anitha Kannan, author of Poppy N Pals, Product Consultant for kids interactive applications, blogger and mom to lovely a 2-years old daughter, Abirami


Ashwini Rao, Finance Consultant, professional artist, classical dancer and mom to a lovely 6-years old daughter, Aditi

2015-07-28 08.44.03

Aparna Suresh, creative artist and designer at Vanna Vaasal (Colour Corridor) and mom to lovely 11-years old Disha and 6-years old Vihaan


Priya Mani, a self-taught artist, loves expressing through her art and mom of wonderful kids, Niveditha and Pranav


Always, remember, you are free to choose your own happiness in every way!


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