Have You Ever Killed Anyone?

Do you need to plunge a dagger into someone’s heart to kill?

Or the words you utter are so sharp that they can leave someone numb and still?

Do you need to pull a trigger to kill someone with a shot?

 Or the look in your eyes is enough to shame someone when it says a lot?

Do you need to strangle someone to death?

Or the attitude is enough to take them to their last breath?

Do you need to beat someone to torture them every day?

Or your ignorance pushes them into depression, which they cannot say?

Do you need to force someone to fall from a height to end their life?

Or your behaviour is so humiliating that it does the work of a knife?

Do you need to torture someone in a closed room to pray for death?

Or you don’t feel their presence, their emotions and not even their breath?

Have you ever slow-poisoned someone to kill themselves on their own?

Have you made someone so miserable that they were left all alone?

If yes, then take a moment to think about them, before it is too late,

Before someone else takes your place and you end up with the same fate.

I guess, we all might have killed someone, somewhere like this someday,

Hope God gives us the strength and time to repent and mend our ways.

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