#VivelPujoLove – Little Durga Needs YOU – Spread the LOVE!

“I got ten new clothes this Puja. How many did you get?”

Rani had no answer to this question from Rupali, the owner’s daughter. She ‘only got’ a torn dress and so many questions in her mind to be answered by her mother, the maid.

Baba, why is that kid looking at my ice-cream? Can’t he get his own?

Bhola had no answer to his question from Raj, who was enjoying a Cornetto at the Puja pandal. He ‘only got’ hunger and so many questions to be answered by the society.

I want that new toy, which dances and throws out light.

The beggar kid, whose name is as unimportant as he is, looks at the shop window full of toys. He ‘only got’ tears and so many questions to be answered by the so-called upper class.

These are not very uncommon scenes. We have been a part of it or witnessed it, several times. Rani, Bholu, the beggar, the orphan, who offers to polish your shoes; or those, who doesn’t know what it means to celebrate Puja by pandal hopping with parents or getting a new dress or each day, have always been a part of our life. The educated society called them ‘unprivileged.

But, have we ever tried to change the scene or do something so that this ‘un-privileged’ tag gets removed. Well, guess some of us do, some of us want to do and some of us don’t care. Whichever category you belong to, here is a chance to express your feelings.

Today, it is not only the un-privileged who needs help, but ‘childhood’ in general needs to be preserved. With changing times, they are being pushed into the shackles of prejudices like performance pressure, digitization, crime and assault and many others, which turns their innocent smiles into maturity, too early in life. They lose their present childhood in preparing for their future.

If you like children, however and whoever they are, even your own; here is a chance to celebrate innocence, happiness and the pure soul, like a child

This Puja, Vivel is giving a chance to celebrate the essence of Durga Puja with their #VivelPujoLove initiative. This is not a call for a cause or a campaign for donations or help. This is a call for celebrating the festival with those little hearts, a call for a ‘lively, childish and innocent’ Durga Puja. It is a shout to help them relive their moments of childhood in this Durga Puja, away from any burden, stress or sadness.

I really like this initiative by Vivel because they give us this opportunity to celebrate the festival with children, not just to make them happy with dresses or toys, but to make them understand the true essence of the festival and how they can keep celebrating the festival in its true sense rather than the hyped pomp and pleasure.

This Durga Puja, you might want to give a dress to Rani, or the ice cream to Bholu. Still need a reason to participate? Just post a selfie with your little one and vow to instill the right values in life. And, above all, just make this Durga enjoyable for them and for everybody.

The world cried for the Syrian boy, who dies without any fault of his own, or the hundreds of school children, who lost their lives in Pakistan bombing. There are so many examples of gruesome crimes against children. We might not be able to stop them, but can’t we make the life of one child less miserable or give him/her a moment of happiness? YES, I CAN, I am sure YOU CAN.

We have so many little Durga, Saraswati and Ganesh in and around our house, who needs our love, care and time. So, get involved in the Vivel Pujo Love this year and do something different. Ma Durga will be happier than ever.

A few years back, I spent my Durga Puja (actually 4 months as a part of Teach India) with Pooja, Sarina, Sujita and Shaina in their orphanage and it was a fulfilling experience for me. I used to teach them, sing and dance with them. Here’s a picture.


Children (Pooja, Shaina and Sarina) at Udayan Care orphanage in Noida

Since, I have become a mother, I want my daughter to experience the nuances of Durga Puja in its purest sense, and this year, I am in Kolkata to celebrate Durga Puja with my daughter and my family. I am glad to know about Vivel Puja Love. I hope to make this Puja, a memorable one for my daughter and any other son/daughter of India.

 “Small eyes have so many dreams and small legs want to walk a mile

Small hands will build our future and small moments will make us smile.

Help a child today in any small way,

‘They’ will bring sunshine and brighten up your day.”

 Kudos to Vivel and Dev (Tollywood actor) for this unique initiative! Spreading te love my selfie with my daughter, Aakriti:


Catch a glimpse of the initiative in this video: https://youtu.be/dDSnWn0FyFM.


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