#ThisLittleLightOfMine – A Dream, A Wish, An Urge…A Face!

As a daughter, I woke up to learn,

I was young, and always had to wait for my turn.

As a professional, I woke up to deliver,

I had so much to say and so much to ask than ever.

As a wife, I woke up to care,

To stand by someone with so much to share.

As a mother now, I wake up every day to live,

A little light of mine gives me all the strength and relief.

The morning after I came back from the hospital (after my delivery) seemed a lot different than those on which I have been waking up till date. I woke up as usual, but then I realized that there is a bundle of joy just sleeping next to me. I kept looking at her face for minutes together. Since then, every morning, when I wake up, I look at my daughter’s face for a couple of minutes. (Of course, there are times, when she wakes up before and takes no time to wake me up.)…

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