Essentials In A Woman’s Purse!

Someone once said, “Never look through a woman’s purse; you never know what they are hiding in there.”
Well, a woman’s purse is like her ‘mini kingdom’, when she is going out. It can have a dollar to a dime, from wipes to wallet, from cards to cash and junk (though, she never considers anything junk) to jewelry. A woman’s purse is a very personal thing, yet it seems to contain the world.
The look, the style, the features, the space, the straps, the handles, the pockets and the comfort- everything needs to be matched up perfectly to HER expectations.
There is a lot inside a woman’s purse, but it is important to de-clutter your purse and keep the important things in easy reach. What you choose to carry in your purse is completely your choice, but here is a list of few important things, which you should never miss carrying in your purse, always:
Basic cosmetics: We like to look fresh and fine at any time of the day. Few important, yet basic cosmetics in your purse can help you cover the tired or dull look on your face. An eyeliner, a compact with a mirror and a lip gloss are enough to touch-up your face, to bring back the lively look. You can choose to carry other things, but why stuff in too many things, when these can do the wonders. You can keep a second spare of these in your purse always, so that you do not forget packing them everytime.
Wet Wipes: If you are out, dust and dirt always find their way to your face. So, a refreshing wet wipe is always a relief. Carry the ones, which suits your skin. Do no keep a big pack as if you keep an open pack for a very long time, it loses the refreshing feel. You can also use it to wipe your hands. You can also chose to carry a hand sanitizer.
Pen and Paper: Well, we might be living in a digital world, but a small pack of sticky notes and a pen wouldn’t take much space, but can be of immense help. May be for noting down a number or a house number or something else- it is better to take out the pen from the pocket and scribble rather than hunting for your mobile.
Visiting, ID, and other cards: Your identity should always be with you, so carrying the relevant ID cards is very important. And, so is your credit and debit cards and, of course your driving license, if you drive. You can carry these in a small leather card carrier or inside your wallet. Keep one card in each slot so that it is easier to take out and put in. Do not carry cards loosely in the bag because they can get damaged, searching in the bag can be clumsy or it may fall out of your bag, while searching for something else. So, it is better to keep all cards in a case. Your visiting card is very important because you never know when you might need to make a sales pitch.
Cash, Mobile and Keys: Finally, these are few things, which you just cannot miss. Always keep sufficient cash for emergency, though cards generally suffice most of the purpose. Your mobile is like your lifeline, so keep it within easy reach. You may also want to keep the charger handy in case your device runs out of charge. Finally, keep a dedicated pocket for your home keys so that it is easier to find. Always keep a spare key in your bag in case you forget to take one and just close the door. You might also want to keep a small bottle of water, which is an important thing, when you go out. Your sunglasses are also an important accessory to be carried in your bag. You may also want to carry a spare piece of earing (just in case). It is better not to carry important information like debit card number or account number always, in your bag.
These are few important, which you should not miss, but yes, your purse is your own world- stuff it with important and necessary things, when you go out. It is an integral part of your overall look, so choose wisely and carry it with style. You might want to choose a purse with big inner space or compartments to divide your things inside.
As Susan B. Anthony rightly said, “Every woman should have a purse of her own”; it is your purse, your world and your own decision.


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