Wonder Words…!

My mother’s words spoken to me was the first connect with the world,

They were like magic and gave me the giggles, when I was hugged and furled.

My father’s words, which praised me for good things motivated me,

They gave me the strength and courage to be what I want to be.

My husband’s words of love, care and trust make me feel beautiful,

They give me the hope and makes me feel special and wonderful.

My daughter’s first spoken words made me as proud a mother could be,

They both make me smile and cry, and brings out the best that is there in me.

All the words from people around, keeps floating in my mind here and there,

But, few words are there, which my heart speaks and those I am here to share,

Oh, there goes my first one and it is nothing but SHARE,

An emotion, an action, a cure, which shows you are there and you care.

Yes, that’s my second one and nothing is purer than CARE,

It can take many shapes- a smile, a tear, a touch or even a  prayer.

My last one is a bit stronger than the rest,

Something, which makes you better than the best.

It is nothing, but your attitude to DARE,

Without which you will probably not reach anywhere.

Today the world is in a mess, and all you need is to abide by the words,

Where everybody is thinking only about themselves or others following the herds.

Today, you need to DARE to be different, CARE about people’s emotions and SHARE a bit of good,

It is time we do something worthwhile, something we could and it is about time we should.

Today, the world needs more of all the three,

Because, these make you a better person and sets your spirit free.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.




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