Using Social Media For Product Launch!

In today’s world of digital marketing, having a website or a social media page, just for information is not enough. You need to leverage different digital marketing and social media tools effectively for market research, brand visibility, sales and promotion and brand awareness. Since, there is a huge customer as well as prospect base online, you need to position your brand in such a way that it adds value to your business as well as compete with other brands in your category.

Today, the Internet and social media have such powers that it can ‘make or break’ a brand or a business. Everyone and Everything is now on social media, so you need to take advantage of the same to create and take your brand forward. The impact of digital marketing should be such that people talk about your brand, both online and offline.

Whenever you launch a new product, just physical marketing is not enough. A digital campaign is as important as placing an ad in the print media or putting other commercial channels. For the success of a new product, it has to go through a long cycle of market insight and requirement, conceptualization, planning, design, development and a lot more, before it is actually launched in the market. Social media can be utilized from the very first step of requirement analysis of a new product. Look at this case study on how Revelon used digital and social media to launch one of their products, a few years back.

Now, that we have understood the importance of digital marketing in the life-cycle, growth, stability and sustainability of a product or business, let us take a look at a few digital media strategies, which can be leveraged for a successful product launch:

Create a Teaser on Social Media: Facebook teasers are a great way to make everyone aware of something new. You can either use a caption, code name or a suggestive image to create exciting content and generate curiosity about the new product. Ensure that it reaches the right places and forums.

Create Shareable and Linked contents: Sharing creates brand awareness and fan following. So, encourage people to share by creating shareable tweets, infographics, etc. Link your product to different platforms, like embedding YouTube videos, pinning on Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn Groups and others.

Create a Founder’s List: Ask people to register to a founder’s list to get first copies, freebies or first look of the product. This can be done by creating a mailing address where people can contact you or for where you can send them information about the product. This can also be used for offline engagement. This helps to create brand loyalty and awareness by spreading the word.

Use Video Marketing: Video Marketing is one of the most popular tends of digital marketing and it is picking up fast. So, make the most of it for the advantage of your product launch. Use behind the scenes videos, customer testimonials of your previous products, small tutorials as teasers. Post personalized videos, where you can show the viewers about the conceptualization and planning. Keep them short and make them interactive and interesting.

Engage the Audience: Audience needs to take control and likes it when they can provide feedback and suggestions. So, involve the audience with online contests, polls, facts and figures, which intrigues them to stay hooked and know more about the product. You can also run campaigns like “Let Us What You Want” like suggest a new flavor or choose the right tagline or so on.

Create a Blog: A blog helps you to talk about your product, its features, its uniqueness. You can also someone to interview you and you can create a video and put it in your blog. This also helps your product to get featured at the right places with hashtags and references. Share as much as you can and encourage people to share too.

You need to make your brand and product visible on every platform and the correct forums to gain popularity and the momentum for the launch. Once the stage is set, your product will get the right launch pad with the prior impact of the digital media. Now, product launches have reached a new dimension over social media, which has proved to be more effective for marketers, over any other channel of sales and promotion.


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