An Evening with IndiBlogger and Horlicks!

As a mother to a fussy and picky eater, I am looking for ways to enhance the nutrition levels of my daughter. I always feel that what she is eating is not wholesome and enough for her growth and development at this stage. Somehow, I felt guilty that I was not doing enough.

I landed up with a similar feeling ay the #Inmmunity4Growth IndiBlogger-Horlicks Meet on March 8, 2016 at Vivanta by Taj. But, what I heard there from eminent people from the Horlicks and nutritionists from India and abroad, gave me an insight that this is not only my problem, but probably pertains to every other mother from across the world. Shocking facts and figures were shared on how our children are losing on necessary nutrition due to lack of good eating habits or evolution of a new fast food kind of a food habit.

America’s leading Childhood Nutrition Expert, author and blogger, Jill Castle spoke about how children are not getting that proper nutrition and what we need to do to correct it within our existing circumstances with existing resources. Her presentation was truly an eye opener and helped me to understand where we are going wrong and what we can rectify. She stressed on the fact that Indian food culture itself is rich in different types of nutrients and that we should leverage the same rather than adapting to a western diet. She spoke about how micronutrients play an important role in the diet and how we can increase it in our children’s diet for better growth and development.


I spoke to Jill personally and expressed my concern about my daughter being a fussy eater. She advised that I should continue to give her what she likes and about 6 meals a day. She also added that I should never force her to eat as that makes them more stubborn. I was glad that we share the same viewpoint as being mothers and handling children and their eating habits, every day.

The subsequent session by Mr. Amaan Khan, Head of Marketing at GSK spoke about Horlicks and its new campaign, where they want children to live their childhood in a healthy way. Their new ad campaign talks about Horlicks aids in making our kids ‘Taller, Stronger and Sharper’. He showed us the results of a survey and it was shocking to see how children are suffering from malnutrition or falling sick due to lack of proper food habits and low immunity power in the major metros of the country.

This was followed by a panel discussion, where other prominent people spoke about nutritional hazards that we face and how we can resolve the issue. They answered queries from the audience and gave important information.


The next part of the event was surely exciting and fun, when the team announced an On-the-Spot quiz based on the session of the evening. Teams were made and 7 questions were laid out  for them to answer. It was surely a treat for three teams, who came out as winners by answering all or maximum correct answers as they were awarded with vouchers and a handsome prize. The evening finally concluded with delicious, mouther-watering spread in the buffer and of course, the Horlicks hamper for the attendees. The evening was all the more special because I was attending it with my daughter on Mother’s Day. We had a great time together at this IndiMeet on this special day. Thanks to the team.


I must thank Anoop and the entire IndiBlogger team for planning, managing and steering this event in a wonderful way. I am glad I was a part of this IndiMeet and would love to participate in more such meets in the future. This is a great platform for sharing views, gaining experience, meeting, communicating and networking with fellow bloggers and of course, getting a chance to know the TEAM better and appreciating their work and endeavours.

Image Courtesy: IndiBlogger


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